The 29th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

2021 List of Participants

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KHS AG (Thailand) Ltd.

Khunnarin Co.,Ltd.

Kinetic Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Kleanz Asia Co., Ltd.

KM Grand Pack Co.,Ltd.

Konnix International Co.,Ltd.

Kowa Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

KPAC Industry Co.,Ltd.

Lafatech Co.,Ltd.

Linapack Co.,Ltd.

Linemaker Engineering Co.,Ltd

Liqui-Box (Thailand) Limited

Luthi Machinery Company Inc.

M&E Fitting Inter Supply Ltd., Part

Machconfill Technology Co., Ltd.

Mahatanee Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Maruto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Maximize Integrated Technology Co.,Ltd.

Mayekawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Ltd.

Mikasa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Minox Valves & Fittings Co.,Ltd.

MMP Corporation Ltd

M-Plus Tech Co.,Ltd.

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