The 27th International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia

2019 Product Highlights

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A&D Company, Limited
Stand No. AU12

A&D Inspection offers cutting edge X-Ray inspection systems to assist food packaging and pharmaceutical companies better understand how to leverage this incredible technology in an effort to improve and manage the quality of their products.

A.J. Plast Public Company Limited
Stand No. EI11

A.J.Plast is a high quality manufacturer of Biaxially Oriented Films for flexible packaging industry ,BOPP,BOPET,BOPA,BOPLA,CPP and Metallized films. Currently , we have a sustainable products to reduce consumed fossil based material and greenhouse emissions films , BiOPA and BOPPlus films.

A+F Automation + Fordertechnik GmbH
Stand No. AT49

A+F DITIGAL PACKAGING A+F - Condition Monitoring A+F Digital Packaging comprises various modules that implement functions for digitizing packaging and palettizing machines. The following modules are already available for our customers or will be available in the near future: - Digital Remote Access - Digital Monitoring - Digital Maintenance - Digital Parts - Digital Operation

Stand No. AX28

AFA Systems has recently launched the HD-LSP, a heavy-duty, intermittent motion autoload cartoner for bottling lines. Built on a monobloc frame, the machine completes all operations within 30 square feet - about half the space typically required for a conventional multi-machine solution. The machine runs at 1200 bottles per minute.

Alliance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AE39

IQ4 Metal Detector Conveyor - With significant improvements in signal processing, the new Auto-Learn rapidly delivers excellent detection sensitivities out of the box and provides more line uptime than ever before, variable frequency detection 31 to 882 kHz, Graphical DDS vector display and PVS improvements help increase the usefulness.

Ambaflex Asia Pacific BV
Stand No. AS19

This SpiralVeyor is an all-purpose spiral conveyor for medium to large sized products. It is ideal for handling secondary packed products and cases and is used for multiple functions ranging from elevation up to accumulation. The continuous motion represents the perfect solution for the exacting situations involved with unstable products.

AMH Technologies Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE21

Technologies & Turnkey Solution for Powder Process & Packaging in Foods, Pharmaceuticals & Petrochemicals, especially on NDC, Coconut, 3 in 1 coffee, Starch, Flour, Sugar, Bakery Premix, Seasoning, Milk Powders & Compound Resin. We do Bulk Storage, Mixing, Weighing, Grinding, Conveying & Packaging System with EHEDG, GMP, HACCP, UKAS Standard

Amo - Pack (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB01

BM-SERIES is an automatic bagging machine which is suitable for open mouth bags such as PE bags, PP Woven bags and Kraft paper bags. The bagging machines are tailor-made to customize according to client's need. Its capacity varies from 200 to 1200 bags per hour.

AMP International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AX51

Hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry

Anake Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CD01

Super Bloc 24/24/18 GVSF (Rinser/Filler/Seal Foil)

Benison (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AQ21

BENISON is a leading manufacture of Auto Shrink Sleeve machine,wrapping machine,mini pillow machine,heat tunnel,steam tunnel,POF film,PVC film,PET film. BENISON is reliable partner for you.

Better Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK01

Retort Pouch Filler & Sealer Rotary Packing Machine Retort pouch filler and sealer rotary packing machine designed for flat and standing pouches. The scope of applications include liquid food or thick liquid food. Suitable for using in frozen food, snack, bean, candy and pet food.

Botens Int'l (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CD31

WRJ Series of Solventless Laminator, Speed 450 M/Min.

Stand No. AZ21

Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment. Having this global relevance, we are in a unique position to turn today’s global challenges into sustainable business. We want every human being to have access to healthy food. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.”

Chai Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CE11

Case Packer 1. 2D robot for movement 2. 3 in 1 Forming box, products into box and closing box 3. Total productive maintenance 4. Hygienic design 5. Safety approved design

Chukoh Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AY45

ASF-121FR - This tape consists of silicone adhesive applied to a base material made of fluoroplastic (PTFE) film. It has gray color which can be used in high-temperature electrical insulation covering. Very low heat shrinkage and superior in surface smoothness.

CKD Corporation
Stand No. AP21

The PAW Series is a global model has a high safety design and conforms to European safety standard CE marking (shaft body). Human Assist product contributes to alleviating workloads in the workplace and securing workers safety.

Clayton Industries
Stand No. AY24

Clayton Industries’ latest innovation, the small and highly efficient Clayton STEAM MASTER, has combined technical expertise and ease of use to deliver a superior product based on reliability and safety. In addition to our other quality built steam products these offer many advantages which improve on operating costs.

Consoveyo Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD35

“Our portfolio of integrated solutions and services include high bay warehouses, distribution centers, and order processing systems. The company specializes in in-house solutions for Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, Pallet Conveying Systems, Rail Guided Vehicles, Automated Guided Vehicles and Software.”

DC Norris &Company Ltd.
Stand No. AT40

Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion technology is an award-winning high speed cooking method which gives food and beverage producers high quality results.Benefits include time and energy savings, and great tasting, healthier products.Jet Cook™ can be applied to many convenience products including soups, sauces, condensed milk, condiments and pet food.

Stand No. CH05

D7 is a U.S. EPA, Thai FDA registered cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer. D7 was purposely engineered to be highly efficacious in the most challenging environments and formulated to withstand the rigors of the Food, Beverage and Biosecurity industries.

Enge Plas Automation (S) Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC35

material discharging & unloading, silo storage & filling, mechanical & pneumatic (vacuum & pressure) conveying, weighing & batching, feeding & dosing size reduction (granulating, milling) screening, mixing (continuous & batch) & drying (hot-air or dehumidifying) intermediate bulk container (IBC) systems, metal detectors & separators, level/flow & melt pressure/temperature sensors & monitors, dust collection & separators, extruders, purging agents, sieve/particle analysis etc

Eonmetall Systems Sdn.Bhd.
Stand No. AL41

Eonmetall was incorporated in Malaysia and it is a pulic listed company in the Bursa Malaysia. Eonemtall as a leading manufacturer and design innovator of metalwork and palm oil machinery, steel products and storage systems.

Etpack Sprinter SAS
Stand No. AY19

ETPACK SPRINTER proudly presents its wraparound cardboard sleever for trays, cans, dairy products etc... Stainless steel multiformat machine made in Europe, up to 200 packs/min.

Europac Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD39

As usual EUROPAC will display interesting machinery at Propak Asia 2019. This year we will present Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine of LEEPACK from Korea. Leepack supplies high quality and reliable machine with competitive price. Please visit us at booth AD39.

European Tech Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BP63

DeltaVITA bead mills are designed to produce ultra fine particles and nano-suspensions to increase the bioavailability and to reduce the required amount of API. DeltaVITA has the advantages for sterile pharmaceutical production with CIP/SIP. Special FDA certified VITAbeads for nano-size. R&D machines and production scale machines

EVA Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AA11

"AUTOPAK is not only a machine but is your best partner!"Labelling machine hight speed type suitable for pharma maufacturing, and many types of them wait your proving AUTOPAK understand. We are committed to deliver you with best fit solution & top quality after-sales service.

Evermore International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EA31

REA JET marking technology & code verification system that relied on ISO standard from Germany to print data for traceability, quality assurance and counterfeit protection for your product marking. to make sure that you can print with global acceptance standard.

Stand No. BS29

Empty Can Inspector is a highly configurable vision solution with a compact footprint that is easy to install and capable of inspecting flange, inner sidewall, and base defects. Ready to use and integrates into existing production lines. Reduces downtime and increases production line efficiency by reducing jams at the filler/seamer.

Floeter Verpackungs-Services GmbH
Stand No. CF20

Attractive and safely packed: Air cushion systems by FLOETER. FLOETER is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial packaging, air cushions and packaging systems in Europe, USA & Asia Pacific. Our program includes transport protection in many variations. Air cushion machines & films for every application.

Forefront Food Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK11

The high speed sausage vacuum filler by portioning butterfly chain and twin-horn casing loader

G HWA Industries Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BL42

High purity stainless steel tubes, components, valves and pumps for food & beverage, cosmetics, personal care, bio-pharma, vacuum & semi-conductor industries.

GEA (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BS41

CALLIFREEZE® is a unique new control system developed for the GEA range of freezers for the food industry. The system monitors the condition of products exiting the freezer, and then automatically calibrates the freezer parameters to ensure that every product is frozen according to optimum requirements with minimal energy consumption.

Good Time Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AP11

Full Servo High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machine Model : HP-350V/HP-450V/HP-600V

Stand No. CB21

WrapBOX represents new kind of innovation, bringing the benefits of the ring technology to the low-end capacity range of automatic stretch wrapping machines. Due to the simple structure and clever design, the installation, operation and maintenance of WrapBOX is quick and easy. No pneumatic / compressed air supply is needed.

Harn Engineering Solutions Public Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EF11, EF19

Domino’s M-Series is the truly flexible way to introduce print and apply label applicator solutions onto your production line. Whether you need supply chain traceability or labelling compliance, it has full GS1 coding capability at high resolution including bar codes, text and graphics.

Hochland Natec GmbH
Stand No. AU33

The FreeTherm is a NEW batch processing system. The FreeTherm brings elements of the world leading RotaTherm?? continuous cooking & processing technology to the batch cooking processing world. The FreeTherm mixes, heats- using unique Direct Steam Injectors & de-aerates- using an integrated vacuum system, all with unique accurate temperature monitoring.

Hoerbiger KT Asia Services Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE35

IEP Technologies is the worldwide leading provider of explosion protection systems and services. For over 60 years we have provided protection solutions that can suppress, isolate and vent combustible dust or vapor explosions in process industries.

Hoermann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft
Stand No. AB31

Spiral door HS 7030 PU The sections are securely guided into a spiral bracket without any contact. With the high-performance 3-phase frequency converter control and the chain mechanism with spring compensation, the door reaches an opening speed of up to 2.5? m/s. It can also be fitted externally.

Honesty Protection Supply Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AC51


HRS Heat Exchangers Sdn.Bhd.
Stand No. AL39

The HRS R Series is a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger developed for hygienic applications. In addition to the standard series, a heavy duty version (HRS RHD Series) has been developed for more demanding applications. Features includes reduced pressures drop, large heat transfer area and continuous scraping action eliminates fouling.

Igus Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE22

iglidur® A160 plain bearings are characterized by extreme media resistance at a low cost. The material can be used in temperature up to +90 C and conforms the food processing sector’s demand. • Compliant with FDA and EU regulation • Lubrication- and maintenance-free Typical application areas • Beverage industry • Food industry • Medical technology

Intermach & Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CC09

The most popular designed for Blowing machine in this era. The Special Feature, 4.5 pront double toggle clamping unit by optimized design for higher clamping force and speed. To improved stability with "Layered" preform heating system.

ISL Asia Technologies Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC31

ISL Asia Technologies manufactures IBC System as it is unique way of handling powder and granular materials for different processes such as storage,transport,screening,grinding,weighing,blending and feeding powders. ISL also manufactures its Discharge Station, Fill Head and Universal Big Bag Discharger which offer a complete solutions.

IWK (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AD11

TZC Cobot automatic tube loader with AI (Artificial Intelligence), which astonished the packaging world. IWK will show various fully automated packaging lines with tube feeder, tube filler, cartoner and end-of-line equipment.

J.C.P.Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU49

Product pack Manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceuticals, and graphic boxes Can pack products safely without damage with high quality materials and without manual labor From the shrink wrap, we are committed to improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Jacob White Packaging Ltd.
Stand No. AT32

Jacob White are exhibiting an high speed NSX5 Box Packaging Machine with the flexibility to handle a complete range of products,this has been well established in Asia for companies automating their packaging lines. Please come and visit us and discuss how we can help maximize your production output

Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
Stand No. AU11/AV11/AV21/AV31/AV41

Jacob White are exhibiting an high speed NSX5 Box Packaging Machine with the flexibility to handle a complete range of products,this has been well established in Asia for companies automating their packaging lines. Please come and visit us and discuss how we can help maximize your production output

Japan Seiko Glass Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EL09

The quality of our Glass Bottles and Glass Jars are well-know as a top class high transparency glass in Japan. We provide many kind of products which surely go well for your products. All our products are made in JAPAN. Available in small lots.

Keyence (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EF35

Industrial Inkjet Printers (MK-U series): world's first auto shower cleaning function with vision system no clogging, easy maintenance, non-contact and high speed printing ex. date,lot number, logo, barcode etc.

Stand No. BX01

Just 5 grams for 500 ml! With its Factor 100 half-litre PET bottle, KHS presents an extremely lightweight container. The lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle for still water known to KHS to date is perfectly adapted to suit its load and gives users huge material savings with the best possible stability.

Kinglai Hygienic Materials Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX39

Our main products are key components for Hygienic fluid pipeline system and ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) system, including a vacuum chamber, Hygienic pump, valve, flange, Tubes & fittings, etc. They are mainly applied in such fields which need processing pollution control as biopharmaceuticals, electronic cleaning, and food & beverage.

Kluber Lubrication Munchen SE & Co.KG
Stand No. AU32

More Than Food Safety with speciality lubrication.With regard to food safety, advanced speciality lubricants for the food industry are playing an ever bigger part in attaining efficient production and failure-proof machine operation.The tribology expert Klüber Lubrication shall be exhibiting newly developed, high-quality speciality lubricants,and customized services for the food sector.

KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH
Stand No. AP31

KOCH Pac-Systeme presents the blister machine KBS-PL for efficient packaging with sophisticated technology. For productive packaging of high quantities with all common types of foil. For the application fields contact lenses, consumer goods, medical technology. In addition to the KBS-PL, a semi-automatic sealing machine will be presented by shawpack.

KTBEL Technics Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG39

GEA :Granulation Technologies & High Speed Tablet presses. HoongA Packaging Machine from South Korea Packline MATERIAL HANDLING from UK. Sepha : Leak Testing machine Charles Ischi: Tablet testing technology

Lachenmeier ApS
Stand No. CB21

Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping Lachenmeier provide state-of-the art pallet stretch hood and shrink wrap machines. Lachenmeier serves a broad range of market segments from food and beverages, building materials and chemicals to appliances, paper and corrugated, insulation materials and brick products. Lachenmeier is a global leader in pallet wrapping.

Lantech LLC
Stand No. AM29

Lantech is widely recognized as the world leader in stretch wrapping technology. As the inventor of the first rotary stretch wrapping machine we have continually innovated with new features and performance enhancing technology. We also are industry leaders in robust and efficient case and tray handling equipment.

Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co KG
Stand No. EC21

The Logopak 300 series is a cost effective solution for simple, high-speed applications. Clean design, user-friendly operator interface and outstanding print quality. Developed in response to customer feedback, it responds to the requirement for a basic labeller to suit conditions where there is a straightforward application

Miura Industries(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AU11


Mosca Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD20

A&D Inspection offers cutting edge X-Ray inspection systems to assist food packaging and pharmaceutical companies better understand how to leverage this incredible technology in an effort to improve and manage the quality of their products.

Netzsch Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE39

New concept of pump worked in your process - No dis-assembling pump from your pipe connection - Easier access to all rotating parts - Reduce space of installation in Progressive cavity pump as no space required to change stator

Newlong (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AH39


Nh-Tech Filtration Pumps Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF11

Our product portfolio with 12 lines of hygienic double screw, positive displacement, centrifugal,and shear pumps as well as powder mixers is a complete range for almost every conceivable application.

Nippon Polystar Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV22

Vegetable shrink wrapping machine *Available both of pillow and shrink wrapping. *Easy operation and Stores 100 kinds of item data *PAMS (OPTION): Wrapping system which calculates optical bag length depending on each item length, and seals and cuts bags automatically. This is very effective to wrap vegetables of various length.

Nitto Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EK05

Based on a high barrier transparent film, we have realized a transparent retort pouch. This pouch is also microwaveable due to not using aluminum as usual retort pouch does. Your consumers are able to see your product clearly with its transparency.

Nordson Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AG31

The ProBlue Liberty ATS combines the benefits of tankless technology with the operating efficiency of an adhesive tracking system. The integrated precision gear flow meter directly measures adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive is out of a pre-determined band

Official Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CB41

Fume hood set with fire fighting system set for Lab Safety from working inside the smoke cabinet There is a risk and danger that a fire will occur within the cabinet.

P.A.H International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. ED09

Quality inspection of plastic film printing The machine is made from quality materials.

Packmate (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE10


Patkol PLC.
Stand No. BA01

ATKOL is renowned for being an excellent engineering company specializing in providing quality food processing machines for liquid products such as pasteurized and UHT dairy, energy drink, beer, fruit juice, and drinking water.

PBTech Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AB57

Good system Everything goes fast (ONE SHOT LOADING)

Perfect Engineering & Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BT42

INOXPA Sanitary Pump,Valves,Fittings LEFON Orbital Pipe Saws

Plaloc Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EJ11

PLALOC TM, a Zipper Tape with excellent economic efficiency, functionality and convenience that meets the needs of today. You can efficiently use the contents after initial opening without any waste. PLALOC TM provides advanced for your flexible packaging, such as easy production of the pouch, smooth filling and easy opening.

Stand No. AY21

PACK EXPO Las Vegas focuses on the latest developments in packaging machinery, materials, packages and containers, and components. The most prominent companies in the industry will be exhibiting and making product introductions at the show.

Stand No. AT31

PPMA incorporating British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) and UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) is the trade association for UK manufacturers and suppliers of processing and packaging machinery. Visit the UK Pavilion and find UK processing, packaging, vision and robotics partners and register for your copy of Machinery Update magazine.

Primary Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BL29

TOMRA Sorting Food is the preferred supplier of sorting, peeling and process analytics solutions for a wide range of applications such as vegetables, (dried) fruit, potatoes, lettuce, nuts, seeds, meat and seafood. TOMRA Sorting offers an integrated approach to maximize yield, optimize production flow and support consistent high-quality output.

Producelabel & Ribbon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EF21


Project Partner Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BP51

Ruwac Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Solution : Removal of difficult Dust and continuous Duty for all applications and all environments. Certified Quality made in Germany integrated with the intelligent Ruwac Modular System where almost all the components are interchangable. Whatever your Requiremnt is, we have the Solution!

PT Components Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AR51

Renold has an unsurpassed reputation for innovation, design and manufacturing skill. Our ranges of industrial chain, gearboxes and couplings are specified for use in power transmission, lifting, conveying and processing applications around the world.

Rhima Australia Pty Ltd.
Stand No. AM41

Rhima wheelie bin washers are entirely constructed in stainless steel and are built to food grade standards. They can wash wheelie bins of the following sizes: 120, 240 and 480 L. The units can be fitted with auto loading systems.

Sakaya Automate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BD41

APPLICATION: • Mix and blend viscous liquids and ingredients • Incorporate heat during mixing process • Ideal for foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical industries • Consist of multiple paddles to ensure complete top-bottom product movement • Suitable for medium to high viscosity mixing • Agitator speed can be easily adjusted during operation • Clockwise and/or counter-clockwise stirring motion

Sato Auto-ID (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EB33

Effortless label printing for complex operations. With a 7-inch TFT full colour touch screen, the award winning SATO FX3-LX is a flexible, next-generation label printer suitable for a wide range of industries, including Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Stand No. BF32A

S.50-220 is a strong, raised ribs belt for transport of medium-heavy products that require great stability. The belt is designed to support heavy yet unstable and fragile products, and ideal for the bottle/can industry, incl. pasteurizers. For more infomation go to

Stand No. BG36

SEAC FPM-400 is the world's most versatile Nobbing and Filleting machine for smaller fish (8/10--80/100 fpk). Can process five different end products with cap up to 325 fish/min. 40 machines only in the Philippines

Stand No. AL31

Serac Aseptic Combox offering a low and medium work-rate solution for applications using pH neutral and acidic products with speed up to 12,000 PET bottles per hour for the 1-litre format and up to 18,000 PET bottles per hour for the smaller 250 ml formats.

Sesotec GmbH
Stand No. AU21

The high-performance INTUITY metal detector is used in the food industry for inspection of packaged, unpacked and bulk products on conveyor systems. Conductive product signals are managed via multi-simultaneous frequency technology to provide detection of all types of metals, stainless steel, iron or brass down to the smallest levels possible.

Stand No. BW31

Provide complete turnkey project for various fruit deep processing line, including: (1) Fruit pretreatment, including raw material selection, impurity removal, cleaning, conveying, crushing, juicing, etc. (2) Process flow technical R&D, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, project installation & commissioning, training service.

Siam Foods Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK31

The flexible solution for the ready-cut market The DIVIDER 660+ ensures a high degree of flexibility, offers multiple application options. This means, for example, that 100 mm (3 9/10") type products can be sliced in 3 rows using this machine.

Siam Golden Sales & Services Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AW01

FEATURES: The system consists of carton erector & bottom sealer, automatic carton sealer, automatic strapping machine, 90 degree push conveyor and conveying frame, which has the function of continuous automatic carton open-bottom seal-fill-upper seal and multi-belt strapping

Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ47

Food Container (530x320x65 mm); Food Container made from a high genuine stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304) with seamless construction that prevents bacteria growth and allows products to be cleaned with ease.

Statec Binder GmbH
Stand No. AY11

The PRINCIPAC is a fully automatic high-performance bagging machine for open-mouth bags which packages up to 2000 bags per hour. It is ideally suited for any type of free-flowing bulk material and with additional equipment such as a dustproof filling spout also for powdery products.

Stand No. AC17

A&D Inspection offers cutting edge X-Ray inspection systems to assist food packaging and pharmaceutical companies better understand how to leverage this incredible technology in an effort to improve and manage the quality of their products.

Takara Pac (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EA27

We are professional group of self-adhesive labels which can be applied and released under the various circumstances in Japan and Thailand as well. We are enjoying high reputations for original designs which we created from zero based on customers requirements.

Thai Korasia Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EH16

Freshness and Better protection.

Thai Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering & Construction Corp., Ltd.
Stand No. BA39

Semi-Auto Drum Filling Machine is designed by NSSDT and TNS to perform high-precision filling and weighing control of petro-chemical, painting material or edible oil/juice. This machine is available in a wide variety of optional functions in addition to the multi-function, high-speed data processing function.

Thai Stamp Engineering Ltd.,Part.
Stand No. EB31

THAI COMPANY, founding in 1999 have been committed and expert in manufacturing machines key products group of printing machine, Feeding machine, Labeling machine, Counting machine

Thaiyo Engineering Ltd.
Stand No. CE25

Features and Effects of Electret Sani Filter 1.Collect the bacteria and mold 2.Clean up the indoor air 3.Equalize the temperature of the room 4.Improve sensible temperature 5.Prevent the surface drying of foods 6.Easy to buy in low cost

Thanyanon Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX57

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is designed for process flexibility and precision engineered based on decades of proven technology. The pump is capable of handling both product transfer and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) ?€“ and can move seamlessly between the two.

The Specialist Supply (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ63

Luminances LED PANEL New Design,Non-screw assembly, High efficiency with up to 110 lumens per circuit Watt. 50,000 hours minimum life expectancy.

Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG
Stand No. AY39/AZ31

The Theegarten-Pactec MCH packaging machine offers a wide variety of options. The MCH packs gently and safely chocolate, jelly, hard candy, eclairs, enrobed products and preformed soft caramel or chewing gum. The MCH wraps the products in foil wrap, double twist, sealed double twist (protected twist) and side twist.