The 3rd International Converting, Package Printing, and Printing Technology Exhibition

Asia’s Printing Hub Answers Region’s Converting & Package Printing Demand
Thailand’s industry value for Food, Beverage, Cosmetics (including personal care), and Pharmaceutical have a combined value of THB 2,718 billion in 2017, and its 2017-2020 CAGR is set to rise 6.15% on average across the four industries. The food & beverage segments are forecasted to be the fastest-growing segment for 2016-2026.

During 2014-2018, Thailand’s packaging market growth is 5.57%, no. 2 in Southeast Asia and no. 4 in Asia Pacific after India, Indonesia, and China. This leads to Thai Government’s commitment to promote Thailand as the region’s printing hub with readiness in local & international supplies, workforce, import/export logistics, and infrastructure to support more than 5,000 & growing in printing upstream and downstream activities.

Printech Asia is at the center of region’s packaging printing and converting volume growth and demand for more attractive, product differentiation & authentication, efficiency, and packaging printing technology, including food & beverage safety & preservation.

The opportunities are in digital printing, high-quality & high-fidelity printing, screens, special printing techniques, hybrid printing systems, web offset printing system for in-line print mid-production, new finishing techniques, new standards for proofs, high-resolution inkjet printers, color monitors, contract-quality proofs, equipment and machinery upgrades and replacement.

The 3rd edition of Printech Asia, a featured Printing industry zone at ProPak Asia, the Asia’s No. 1 Processing and Packaging Exhibition, is the yearly destination for major and SME buyers from food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics & personal care industries to source fulfillment.

Printech Asia Featured Exhibitors

Printech Asia Featured Conferences

Time Activities Location
Wednesday, 12 June 2019
10.00-16.00 Global Packaging Forum 2019 Grand Hall 201
14.00-15.30 PRINTECH ASIA SEMINAR 2019 EH106, Room C
Thursday, 13 June 2019
08.30-16.30 Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) seminar 2019 Meeting Room 211
09.00-12.00 Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE) Meeting Room 214-215
09.00-16.00 TISTR Conference 2019 EH105, Room A
10.00-16.30 DIP Seminar & Workshop 2019 Silk 3
10.00-12.00 Thai Beverage Industry Association Conference 2019 Nile 3 & 4
13.00-17.45 Latest developments in flexible packaging EH106, Room C
13.30-16.30 PharmaTech Seminar 2019 Meeting Room 224-225
Friday, 14 June 2019
09.00-16.00 TISTR Conference 2019 EH105, Room B
10.00-15.30 Australian Institute of Packaging Half Day Training Course Meeting room 223
10.00-15.00 DIP Seminar for SME EH106, Room C
10.00-16.30 DIP Seminar & Workshop 2019 Silk 3
Saturday, 15 June 2019
10.00-16.30 DIP Seminar & Workshop 2019 Silk 3
10.00-15.00 SME Clinic: Food Business Clinic EH106, Room C