The 7th International Packaging Materials Exhibitions

Urbanization, a rise in small households and a growing middle-class population, have changed the purchasing behavior of consumers who have more demands than ever for packaged products. As a result, the global packaging market was valued at USD 851.1 billion in 2017 and will grow steadily at 2.9% to reach USD 980 billion in 2022.

Manufacturers must be sure that appropriate materials are used in their packaging design and production. Certain materials are appropriate for different products and applications based on their properties and include flexible plastic, rigid plastic, paper, glass and metal. Selecting the right materials and design are key for achieving effective and functional packaging.

With so many new technologies in the market, there have never been more options for achieving success. Be sure to attend MaterialsAsia Zone in ProPak Asia to see how much difference packaging can make, and to take advantage of exciting new advancements.

MaterialAsia Featured Exhibitors

MaterialAsia Featured Conferences

Time Activities Location
Wednesday, 12 June 2019
10.00-16.00 Global Packaging Forum 2019 Grand Hall 201
13.00-16.00 Plastics Institute of Thailand (PITH) Meeting Room 211
14.00-15.30 PRINTECH ASIA SEMINAR 2019 EH106, Room C
Thursday, 13 June 2019
08.30-16.30 Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) seminar 2019 Meeting Room 211
09.00-13.00 Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) Conference 2019 Nile 1 & 2
09.00-16.00 TISTR Conference 2019 EH105, Room A
10.00-16.30 DIP Seminar & Workshop 2019 Silk 3
10.00-12.00 Thai Beverage Industry Association Conference 2019 Nile 3 & 4
13.00-17.45 Latest developments in flexible packaging EH106, Room C
Friday, 14 June 2019
09.30-16.45 The 7th Asia Drink Conference 2019 Meeting Room 222-223
09.00-16.00 TISTR Conference 2019 EH105, Room B
10.00-15.30 Australian Institute of Packaging Half Day Training Course Meeting room 223
10.00-15.00 DIP Seminar for SME EH106, Room C
10.00-16.30 DIP Seminar & Workshop 2019 Silk 3
Saturday, 15 June 2019
10.00-16.30 DIP Seminar & Workshop 2019 Silk 3
10.00-15.00 SME Clinic: Food Business Clinic EH106, Room C