List of Participants

Company Stand No. Hall Country
3P Solutions Private Limited AT35 99 India
430 Plus Co.,Ltd. BS53 103 Thailand
949 Supplies Co.,Ltd. AJ39 98 Thailand
A&D Company Limited AV39 100 Japan
A.J. Plast Public Company Limited EH11 106 Thailand
A.M.P Rose AU49 100 United Kingdom
A+F Automation + Fordertechnik GmbH AP40 99 Germany
ABB Limited AA41 98 Thailand
ABC Compressors BS20 103 Spain
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co.,Ltd. AB19 98 Thailand
ACE Controls Inc. AT49 99 United States
ACMA AQ11 99 Italy
Acpak International Pte. Ltd. BE29 101 Singapore
Adtek Consolidated Sdn Bhd EK05 106 Malaysia
Advanced Knowledge Services Co.,Ltd. CH05 105 Thailand
Advanced Plastic Intertrade Co., Ltd. EJ16 106 Thailand
Aerosia Interpac Co.,Ltd. AX61 100 Thailand
AFA Systeme Ltd. AX28 100 Canada
AFA Technologies Sdn Bhd AL24 98 Malaysia
Airbag Packing Co.,Ltd. c/o Kunshan Airbag Packing Corp. AF49 98 China
Airvac System Technology Co.,Ltd. AR46 99 Thailand
Alliance Technology Co.,Ltd. AU41 98 Thailand
ALTA Publishing Co.,Ltd. # Taiwan
Altech Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd. AX11 100 Thailand
Ambaflex Asia Pacfic BV BT21 103 Netherlands
AMEC - Asociacion Multisectorial de Empresas AB21, AC21 98 Spain
American Extrusion International AY26 100 United States
AMH Technologies Pte Ltd BE21 101 Singapore
Amixon GmbH BJ11 102 Germany
Amo - Pack (Asia) Co.,Ltd. BB01 101 Thailand
AMP International Co.,Ltd. AS55 99 Thailand
Ampthai Technology Co.,Ltd. BD41 101 Thailand
Anake Machinery Co.,Ltd. CF01 105 Thailand
Andritz Singapore Pte Ltd BD36 101 Singapore
Anest Iwata Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. CB31 105 Thailand
Anhui Zengran Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd. AI35 98 China
Anritsu Infivis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BD01 101 Thailand
APLIX (Hong Kong) Limited EH21 106 HONG KONG
Apollo VTS Asia Ltd. BU41 104 Thailand
Arakawa Co., Ltd BE01 101 Japan
Arakawa Co.,Ltd. BI11 102 Japan
Arca Etichette Spa EE31 106 Italy
Argelith Bodenkeramik H. Bitter GmbH BS19 103 Germany
Arkema France BN23 103 France
Arrow System Sdn.Bhd. BM21 102 Malaysia
Asahi Sosetsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd BE01 101 Thailand
Asahi Sosetsu Co., Ltd BE01 101 Korea, South
Asahi Sosetsu Co.,Ltd BE01 101 Japan
Aseptic Pak (Thailand) Ltd. BX11 104 Thailand
ASFC - Atelier Scherer Fair Consulting GmbH AU21, AU31 99 Germany
Asia Engineering Pac Co.,Ltd. AJ46 98 Thailand
Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine # Taiwan
Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) BE25 101 Singapore
AT Science Trading Ltd. CE31 105 Thailand
Atac Chemical Co.,Ltd. EG20 106 Thailand
Ateliers Francois S.A. BS11 103 Belgium
Atom-Mic Power Co.,Ltd. AA23 98 Thailand
Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) AM35 99 Australia
Autofill Enterprise Co.,Ltd. AM35 104 Taiwan
Autopack Co.,Ltd. AJ21 98 Thailand
AZO Ltd. (Thailand) BJ11 102 Thailand
BAK Asia Co.,Ltd. BZ55 104 Thailand
Baker Perkins Ltd. AT35 99 United Kingdom
Banyong Engineering Ltd.,Part BM51 102 Thailand
Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd. AH50 98 China
BASF (Thai) Limited CA05 105 Thailand
Baumuller Nurnberg GmbH AU25 99 Germany
Beijing Y.C.T.D. Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. BT31 104 China
Belle Greenwise Co., Ltd. AV26 100 Japan
Benison (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AQ21 99 Thailand
Bericap Asia Pte Ltd BD11 101 Singapore
Berli Jucker Public Company Limited EH09 106 Thailand
BEUMER Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AF43 98 Thailand
BG Container Glass Co., Ltd. EJ11 106 Thailand
Bireme Group Pte Ltd BD16 101 Singapore
BKP Pass Co.,Ltd. BB59 101 Thailand
Bright Packaging Industry Berhad EE29 106 Malaysia
Brothers Pharmamach (India) Pvt Ltd AS39 99 India
Bruckner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG AU36 99 Germany
BS1 Eng-Tech Co.,Ltd. AA39 98 Thailand
B-TAC Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd. AT49 99 Thailand
Buhler (Thailand) Ltd. AZ21 100 Thailand
Buhler AG AZ21 100 Switzerland
Buhler+Scherler AG AZ21 100 Switzerland
Burapa Science Co.,Ltd. CE31 105 Thailand
Busch Vacuum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AT19 99 Thailand
Business France BP21 103 France
C. ILLIES (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AE31 98 Thailand
C.I. Takiron Corporation EI12 106 Japan
C.T. Super Sales & Services Ltd.,Part BA41 100 Thailand
CAB Technology Co.,Ltd. AH29 98 Taiwan
Cablevey Conveyors AX21 100 United States
Calvatis GmbH BG31 101 Germany
Capromax Climate chamber BP63 103 Malaysia
CFT BR19 103 Italy
Changzhou Jerry Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. AI38 98 China
Changzhou Ne-Trans International Co.,Ltd. AI40 98 China
Chaozhou Chaoan Jixiang Film Industry Co.,Ltd. BG42 101 China
Charatchai Machinery Ltd.,Part BR41 103 Thailand
Chem-Lube International Co., ltd. AJ49 98 Thailand
Chin Tung Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd. EH04 106 Taiwan
Chiyoda Kohan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EF27 106 Thailand
Chocotech GmbH AZ40 100 Germany
Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH CE41 105 Germany
Chukoh Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. AF44 98 Thailand
Citus Kalix AQ11 99 France
CKD Corporation AP21 99 Japan
CKD Thai Corporation Ltd. AP21 99 Thailand
Clean Air Innovation Co., Ltd. AB11 98 Thailand
Cleanable Co.,Ltd. AR51 99 Thailand
Clearpack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AN21, AN31 99 Thailand
Clevertech S.p.A. AQ39 99 Italy
CLPG Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd CJ41 105 Malaysia
Code Plus Co.,Ltd. EE35 106 Thailand
Color Pigment (M) Sdn. Bhd. BT44 103 Malaysia
Complete Industrial Service Co.,Ltd. AT39 99 Thailand
Complete Mark Co.,Ltd. EF11 106 Thailand
Con-Mix Co.,Ltd. BM31 102 Thailand
Consoveyo Singapore Pte. Ltd. BD35 101 Singapore
Consumer Goods Intelligence # Singapore
Contineo Media Pte Ltd. # Singapore
Converting Technical Institute # Japan
Creative Packaging Solution Co.,Ltd. AC11 98 Thailand
Creatus Corporation Limited BS41 103 Thailand
Cryogas Tech Sdn Bhd BG45 101 Malaysia
CSi industries B.V. AN49 99 Netherlands
CTC Machinery Co.,Ltd. BN01 103 Thailand
Cyber Mechanic Co.,Ltd. BW41 104 Thailand
DAB Technology Pte Ltd BD29 101 Singapore
Dai-Ichi Jitsugyo (M) Sdn Bhd (DJM) BP42 103 Malaysia
Dansk Industri BF31 101 Denmark
DCM USIMECA BP29 103 France
Debac (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BV43 104 Thailand
Deebest Tech Co., Ltd. EF28 106 Thailand
Deighton Manufacturing UK Ltd AT31 99 United Kingdom
Delmax Machinery Co.,Ltd. BQ01 103 Thailand
Deyibao Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. AH49 98 China
Dhon Siri Diesel Co.,Ltd. BV41 104 Thailand
Dixon (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd BX41 104 Singapore
Dockweiler Asia Co.,Ltd. BL41 102 Thailand
D-Smart Co.,Ltd. ED29 106 Thailand
Durham Duplex AT39 99 United Kingdom
Eastern Trade Media Pte Ltd. # Singapore
Easyweigh Equipment Co.,Ltd. BG43 102 China
Ecomec AS36 99 Belgium
Eka Pak Co.,Ltd. EH20 106 Thailand
Elektrim - Cantoni Motor Co.,Ltd. AH21 98 Thailand
Elgi Equipments Ltd. BY39 104 India
Eminence International Ltd. BP01 103 Thailand
Emura (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BJ21 102 Thailand
Engecon Special Products Co., Ltd. BS19 103 Thailand
Engisoul Co.,Ltd. BU33 104 Thailand
E-Pharma(Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Equipment Co.,Ltd. BL41 102 China
Erawan Union Co.,Ltd. BA11 100 Thailand
ERG Plus Co.,Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
ESM Co.,Ltd. AS71 99 Thailand
Essential Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd BD28 101 Singapore
Etpack Sprinter SAS AQ45 99 France
Eurobinox BP22 103 France
European Tech Solutions Co.,Ltd. BP63 103 Thailand
EVA Enterprise Co.,Ltd. / Autopak AA11 98 Thailand
Evermore International Co.,Ltd. ED24 106 Thailand
Express Plaspack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AJ11 98 Thailand
Festo Ltd. AG29 98 Thailand
Fette Compacting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd BD23 101 Singapore
Fibergrate Conposite Structures AJ39 98 United States
Fibre King AM21 99 Australia
Filtec CC01 105 United States
Flexi-Pack Limited BT41 103 Thailand
Flexlink AQ11 99 Sweden
Flexlink Systems Pte Ltd. AQ11 99 Thailand
Flexmove System (M) Sdn Bhd AL21 99 Malaysia
Flexoprint (M) Sdn. Bhd EI26 106 Malaysia
Fluidmech Equipment Sdn Bhd EE27 106 Malaysia
FMT s.r.l BH01 102 Italy
FnB Machinery & Solution Co.,Ltd. BJ41 102 Thailand
Food Innovation and Development Co.,Ltd. BJ31 102 Thailand
Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. BK19 102 Thailand
Food Service and Solution Co.,Ltd. AL57 99 Thailand
Forbo Siegling (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BC41 101 Thailand
Forefront Food Tech Co.,Ltd. BK11 102 Thailand
Foshan Bogal Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd BH37 102 China
Foshan Hosng Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd. AI45 98 China
FPT Food Process Technology Co.,Ltd. BJ01 102 Thailand
Frigel BQ11 103 Italy
Fuji Machinery Co.,Ltd. AF31 98 Japan
Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
Fuji Seiki Co., Ltd. AV49 100 Japan
Fukabori Tekousyo Co., Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
Furukawa MFG. Co., Ltd. AV29 100 Japan
Futamura Chemical Co.,Ltd. EM05 106 Japan
Futec Southeast Asia Sdn.Bhd. AL41 99 Malaysia
G HWA Industries Co.,Ltd. BL41 102 Thailand
Galaxy Sivtek Pvt Ltd. AU01 100 India
Galdi s.r.l. BU39 104 Italy
GDM AQ11 99 Italy
GDXL Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. BW21 104 China
Gebo Cermex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BW01 104 Thailand
GECITECH BN22 103 France
General Co.,Ltd. EA17 106 Japan
Geotech Intertrade Co., Ltd. AX51 100 Thailand
Gericke Pte Ltd BE31 101 Singapore
German Engineering & Machinery Co.,Ltd. CD19 105 Thailand
GERNEP GmbH AU21 99 Germany
Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG AR49 99 Germany
Gikit Company Limited AL61 99 Thailand
GKM screening & tumbler BP63 103 Germany
Gold Peg International AM37 99 Australia
Goldvest Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AD41 98 Thailand
Goma Process Technologies Pvt Ltd AS40 99 India
Good Time Import-Export Co.,Ltd. AP11 99 Thailand
GPS Reisacher GmbH & Co. KG AU37 99 Germany
Greater Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd. AS41 99 Thailand
Green Bay Machinery Co., Inc. AX29 100 United States
GreenPack AM11 99 Korea, South
Grupo Aguilar - Inter Maquinas Aguilar SL BG39 101 Spain
GT-Max Industries Sdn Bhd AL23 98 Malaysia
Guangzhou Jeepine Intelligent Compression Molding Machine Co.,Ltd. BU09 104 China
Guangzhou Leiwest Pak Co.,Ltd. BF21 101 China
Guangzhou Shallway Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd. BT32 104 China
Guangzhou Skybrighter Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. BT13 104 China
H. Ikeuchi & Co.,Ltd. AY43 100 Thailand
HAAS Group AZ21 100 Austria
Hangzhou Chichang Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. AI44 98 China
Hangzhou Huilong Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. BY09 104 China
Hansel Processing GmbH AY39 100 Germany
Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited EE19 106 Thailand
Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH AY31 100 Germany
Heat & Control Pty. Ltd. BG11 101 Australia
Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd. BX39 104 China
HELUKABEL (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AZ51 100 Thailand
Henko (S) Pte Ltd BC30 101 Singapore
Herrmann Ultraschall GmbH BG49 101 Germany
Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH BR21 103 Germany
Hi-Cook (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BE01 101 Thailand
Hiroyuki Industries (M) Sdn Bhd AL39 99 Malaysia
Hitec Food Equipment Co.,Ltd. BC11 101 Thailand
HMPS AM31 99 Australia
Hoei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AJ29 98 Thailand
Hoerbiger KT Asia Services Pte Ltd BE35 101 Singapore
Hoermann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft AB31 98 Germany
Honda Setsubi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. BI21 102 Thailand
Honesty Protection Supply Co.,Ltd. AC51 98 Thailand
Howa Matai Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EJ20 106 Thailand
HRS Heat Exchangers Sdn Bhd BN42 103 Malaysia
Hualian Machinery Group Wenzhou Import & Export Co.,Ltd. BH31 102 China
Hubei Huitian New Materials Co., Ltd. EH22 106 China
Hydrolock BN30 103 France
I P R I Co.,Ltd. # Thailand
I.C.E Water Management BN29 103 France
I-Born Supply & Service Co.,Ltd. BT29 103 Thailand
IDS Manufacturing Sdn Bhd BS52 103 Malaysia
Igus Singapore Pte Ltd BE22 101 Singapore
IMA BQ21 103 Italy
Incheon Business Information Techno Park (IBITP) BB21 101 Korea, South
Index-6 Ltd. AP41 99 Bulgaria
Industrial Water Engineers (M) Sdn Bhd BS51 103 Thailand
Innovate Packaging Co.,Ltd. AR11 99 Thailand
INOX Australia AM39 99 Australia
Inspire Mach Co.,Ltd. BG01 101 Thailand
Instrument Control Co.,Ltd. BZ01 104 Thailand
Integra Co.,Ltd. BI31 102 Thailand
Inter White Mark Co.,Ltd. CJ51 105 Thailand
Interbau Blink BS19 103 Germany
Interroll (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AC41 98 Thailand
Interthai Industrial Systems Ltd. AE43 98 Thailand
Intralox (Thailand) Ltd. BJ29 102 Thailand
IPI AQ11 99 Italy
Ishida (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AZ01 100 Thailand
ITS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. CD39 105 Thailand
Iwai Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
IWK (Thailand) Limited AD11 98 Thailand
J. Schmalz GmbH AT49 99 Germany
Jacob White Packaging Co., Ltd. AT40 99 United Kingdom
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufactures Association (JPMA) AV46 100 Japan
JBT International (Thailand) Ltd. BA21 100 Thailand
Jebsen & Jessen Technology (T) Ltd. CE31 105 Thailand
Jextic Co.,Ltd. BI12 102 Thailand
Jiangsu Hill Machinery Co.,Ltd. BS40 104 China
Jiangsu Kaiyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. BX32 104 China
Jinan Arrow Machinery Co.,Ltd. AH48 98 China
Jindal Films Europe S.a.r.l AP49 99 Luxembourg
Jonan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. AV41 100 Japan
K&W Global Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BC01 101 Thailand
Kacon Co.,Ltd. BB25 101 Korea, South
Kacon Co.,Ltd. BB27 101 Korea, South
Kaida Group Co.,Ltd FJ EK11 106 China
Kamacho Scale Co.,Ltd. AF50 98 Thailand
Kanematsu KGK Corp. AQ49 99 Japan
Karlville Development SAS BP21 103 France
Karnavati Engineering Limited AS35 99 India
Kasetphand Industry Co.,Ltd. CC21 105 Thailand
Kaudy Incorporation (Asia) Co.,Ltd. BM59 102 Thailand
Kawashima Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. AE39 98 Thailand
Keyence (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EF33 106 Thailand
KG Lerdphan Co.,Ltd. AD49 98 Thailand
KHS Asia Pte Ltd c/o KHS GmbH BX01 104 Singapore
Khunnarin Co.,Ltd. BE41 101 Thailand
KIEFEL GmbH AU38 99 Germany
Kinetic Engineering Co.,Ltd. BA67 100 Thailand
Kirloskar South East Asia Co.,Ltd. AE50 98 Thailand
KM Grand Pack Co.,Ltd. AY49 100 Thailand
KMT Waterjet AY22 100 United States
Knife Korea BB24 101 Korea, South
KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH AP31 99 Germany
KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH c/o Uhlmann Singapore LLP AP31 99 Singapore
Kongposh Publication Pvt.Ltd. # India
Konnix International Co.,Ltd. BZ63 104 Thailand
Korea Auto Door Co.,Ltd. AB42 98 Thailand
Korodur BS19 103 Germany
Kotinpack Inc. EK22 106 Korea, South
Kowa Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AR41 99 Thailand
Kowa Kogyosho Co., Ltd. AR41 99 Japan
Krones (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. / Krones AG BR01 103 Thailand
Krones AG BR01 103 Germany
KTBEL Technics Co.,Ltd. AG39 98 Thailand
Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. EG01 106 Singapore
Kurz (Thailand) Ltd. ED21 106 Thailand
Kyomachi Sangyosharyo Co.,Ltd. AB49 98 Japan
Kyungseo E & P Co.,Ltd. BB26 101 Korea, South
Lachenmeier ApS AY19 100 Denmark
Lafatech Co.,Ltd. BZ49 104 Thailand
Laz Step Ltd. AX57 100 Thailand
Liaoyang Trueeasy Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. BV31 104 China
Lighthouse Systems Pte Ltd BC26 101 Singapore
Limitec powder handling BP63 103 Germany
Lin Wah Engineering Works (Pte) Ltd BE36 101 Singapore
Linapack Co.,Ltd. AG21 98 Thailand
Lipmen Co.,Ltd. BB22 101 Korea, South
Logistics Mart Co.,Ltd. AC31 98 Thailand
Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co KG EC21 106 Germany
Lohakij Rung Charoen Sub Co.,Ltd. EK12 106 Thailand
Luthi Machinery Company Inc. AU19 99 Thailand
Mahatanee Industrial Co.,Ltd. CF09 105 Thailand
Mariani Srl BP19 103 Italy
Markem - Imaje Ltd. EE21 106 Thailand
Maruto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EK15 106 Thailand
Mather & Platt (Asia) Ltd. BV21 104 Thailand
Mawin Plastics Co.,Ltd. EK09 106 Thailand
Mayekawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AZ11 100 Thailand
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co.,Ltd. BH11 101 Thailand
Mechatronics Designed Co.,Ltd. EC35 106 Thailand
Medpac Co.,Ltd. BK31 102 Thailand
Mega Uni-Trade Co.,Ltd. EA21 106 Thailand
Meiwa Pax Co.,Ltd. EM25 106 Thailand
Memmert GmgH+Co.Kg CE31 105 Germany
Merit Tech Co.,Ltd. CE31 105 Thailand
Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Ltd. BL31 102 Thailand
Metz Specialty Materials Pty Ltd. BS19 103 Australia
Meyer Seals Asia Ltd. EK10 106 Thailand
MGS AQ11 99 United States
MH Multipack Sdn Bhd BN39 103 Malaysia
Mighty International Co.,Ltd. BW51 104 Thailand
Mikasa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EG19 106 Thailand
Minox Valves & Fitting Co.,Ltd. BY29 104 Thailand
Misuzu BP Corporation AT35 99 Japan
Misuzu Koki Co., Ltd AT35 99 Japan
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation EJ09 106 Japan
Mitsuhashi Corporation AV40 100 Japan
Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd EG09 106 Singapore
Miura Co.,Ltd. AV50 100 Thailand
MLT Micro Laser Technology GmbH AU22 99 Germany
MMP Corporation Ltd AJ41 98 Thailand
MNT Food Machine Co.,Ltd. BM39 102 Thailand
Molins- Langenpac BV AS31 99 Netherlands
Mosca Asia Pte Ltd BD20 101 Singapore
Mosca Asia Thailand Representative Office BD20 101 Thailand
Motor789 Co.,Ltd. CJ01 105 Thailand
M-Plus Tech Co.,Ltd. BF19 101 Thailand
MSE (Thailand) Limited AZ41 100 Thailand
MT Food Systems Co.,Ltd. BH01 102 Thailand
Multiphase Corporation Co., Ltd. AC19 98 Thailand
Multivac Co.,Ltd. AV01 100 Thailand
N.P.B Machine and Service Company Limited BK39 102 Thailand
N.R. Rama Co.,Ltd. BG21 100 Thailand
Nakakin Co., Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
Nandee-Strapac Co.,Ltd. AR21 99 Thailand
Nantsune Co., Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
Navector (Shanghai) Screening Technology Co.,Ltd. BH41 102 China
NCR Intertrade Co.,Ltd. AL63 / AV22 99 Thailand
ND Electric Co.,Ltd. AL75 99 Thailand
Netzsch Asia Pacific Pte Ltd BE39 101 Singapore
Netzsch Vakumix GmbH BP63 103 Germany
New Tech Lubes Asia Co.,Ltd. BY51 104 Thailand
Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. BS21 103 China
Newlong (Thailand) Ltd. AH39 98 Thailand
Newton Food Equipment Co.,Ltd. BK41 102 Thailand
Nichiryo Co.,Ltd. CE31 105 Japan
Nikka Densok Limited AV19 100 Japan
Nikkei Siam Aluminium Limited AB39 98 Thailand
Ningjin Jiexun Mesh Belt Machinery Co., Ltd. BB37 101 China
Nippon Polystar Co., Ltd. AV22 100 Japan
Nishimura Powder Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BB41 101 Thailand
Nitto Pack Co.,Ltd. EI20 106 Japan
Norden Machinery AQ11 99 Sweden
Nordson Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd. AG31 98 Thailand
Ntek Plas Co.,Ltd. BY21 104 Thailand
Nuova Euromec S.r.l. AY40 100 Italy
Nuve Sanayi Malzemeleri Lmalat VE Ticaret A.S. CE31 105 Turkey
Official Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. CF32 105 Thailand
Ohaus Indochina Limited CE31 105 Thailand
Oiltek & Associates Co.,Ltd. BD41 101 Thailand
Okada Shigyo Co.,Ltd. EK20 106 Japan
Okawara MFG. Co., Ltd BI21 102 Japan
Omori (Thailand) Co., Ltd. /Omori Machinery Co., Ltd. AV11 100 Japan
OPK Marketing Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AB41 98 Thailand
Optimum BV BG35 101 Netherlands
Osaka Sanitary Co.,Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
Oskon Co.,Ltd. CD32 105 Thailand
OSP (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EA23 106 Thailand
OSP Label (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EA23 106 Thailand
Owner Foods Machinery Company Limited BL21 102 Thailand
P&S Steel Work Service Co.,Ltd. BM41 102 Thailand
P&S Technology Co.,Ltd. BV11 104 Korea, South
P. T. Rieckermann Indonesia AT35 99 Indonesia
P.E. Labellers S.p.A. BR19 103 Italy
Pacific Intertech Co.,Ltd. BF11 101 Thailand
Pack Leader Machinery Inc c/o Inter Ink Technics Co.,Ltd. AG11 98 Thailand
PACKERS Co.,Ltd. ED20 106 Korea, South
Pakona Engineers (India) Pvt Ltd AN41 99 India
Pascal Intertech Co.,Ltd. BB19 101 Thailand
Patkol PLC. BA01 100 Thailand
PBTech Trading Co.,Ltd. AA55 98 Thailand
PDN PACK CO.,LTD. BI13 102 Thailand
Pelliconi & C. S.p.A. CC10 105 Italy
Perfect Engineering & Consultant Co.,Ltd. BU42 104 Thailand
Perfect Pack - sachet filling BP63 103 Italy
pester pac automation GmbH AU31 99 Germany
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supply Co., Ltd. AB11 98 Thailand
Phatarakorn Machinery Co.,Ltd. BU21 104 Thailand
Pilz South East Asia Pte Ltd BC38 101 Singapore
PKC Instruments L/P CE31 105 Thailand
Plaloc Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EI22 106 Thailand
Plantek Silmet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EB31 105 Thailand
Plastissimo Film Co.,Ltd. EJ19 106 Thailand
Platinum Pro Plastic Co.,Ltd. AD31 98 Thailand
PMMI AX22 100 United States
Pneumax Co.,Ltd. AF41 98 Thailand
PPMA Ltd. # 99 United Kingdom
Precision Plastic Co.,Ltd. BV42 104 Thailand
Premier Tech Chronos Ltd. AT11 99 Thailand
Primary Engineering (Thailand) Ltd. BL29 102 Thailand
Primus Co.,Ltd. AJ55 98 Thailand
Printmark Solution Co.,Ltd. EC29 106 Thailand
Probst & Class - colloid mill BP63 103 Germany
Produce Label & Ribbon Co.,Ltd. EF23 106 Thailand
Professional Service United Co.,Ltd. AA41 98 Thailand
Project Partner Co.,Ltd. / Ruwac BP51 103 Thailand
Promach Mechatronic Technology Co.,Ltd. C/O Blueprint Automation AE49 98 Thailand
Proma-Pack Srl BP11, BQ11, BR11 103 Italy
Promark Co.,Ltd. EF31 106 Thailand
Propet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EJ39 106 Thailand
Provisur Technologies Inc. CB41 105 United States
PT Components AD50 98 Thailand
PVN Engineering Co.,Ltd. AF51 98 Thailand
QSC Co.,Ltd. AQ50 99 Thailand
Quality Sealed Co.,Ltd. EI29 106 Thailand
Quenard BP30 103 France
QuickLabel- AstroNova, Inc. AY21 100 United States
R.A.Jones AQ11 99 United States
Rano Tech Co.,Ltd. BK51 102 Thailand
Renox Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. BU31 104 Thailand
Rep Floor Co.,Ltd. BP55 103 Thailand
Repassa Singapore Pte Ltd BD31 101 Singapore
Rhima Australia AM41 99 Australia
Ribbon Trade Limited Partnership EE26 106 Thailand
Rieckermann (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. AT35 99 Cambodia
Rieckermann (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. AT35 99 Malaysia
Rieckermann (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. AT35 99 Singapore
Rieckermann (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AS50/AT35 99 Thailand
Rieckermann Philippines Inc. AT35 99 Philippines
Rieckermann Services Limited AT35 99 Myanmar
Rieckermann Vietnam Co., Ltd. AT35 99 Vietnam
Robopac BS01 103 Italy
Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd. CD31 105 Singapore
Ronchi Mario Spa AQ31 99 Italy
Ruampat Co.,Ltd. BH51 102 Thailand
Ruian Hengfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. BZ19 104 China
S.I. Firetrade Co.,Ltd. EF29 106 Thailand
S.K.P. Interpack Co.,Ltd. BM21 102 Thailand
Sabklangthong International Co.,Ltd. AS11 99 Thailand
SACMI BR11 103 Italy
Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AU11 99 Thailand
Sanwa Engineering Ltd. BI21 102 Japan
Sanwa Hydrotech Corporation BI21 102 Japan
Sato Auto-ID (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EB37 106 Thailand
Schenck Process Singapore (Pte) Ltd BE20 101 Singapore
Schwarz Druck GmbH AU39 99 Germany
SDB Corporation BU11 104 Korea, South
Sealed Air Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AH31 98 Thailand
Secma Cabon AQ45 99 France
Sejitech.Co.,Ltd. BB21 101 Korea, South
Selcon Co.,Ltd. BB51 101 Thailand
Selic Corp Company Limited EH01 106 Thailand
Senta Pack Machinery & Services Co.,Ltd. BE01 101 Thailand
Senta Smart Solutions Co.,Ltd. BI41 102 Thailand
Sepa Korea BU35 104 Korea, South
Serac Asia Sdn Bhd AL31 98 Malaysia
Sesotec GmbH AU29 99 Germany
Sevenlakes International Co.,Ltd. EM01 106 Thailand
Shandong Dingtaisheng Food Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. BM01 103 China
Shanghai Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd. AI50 98 China
Shanghai Joy Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd. BT11 104 China
Shanghai Komatsu Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd . AI41 98 China
Shanghai Kunbu Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. AI49 98 China
Shanghai Maxsen Machinery Co.,Ltd. BB40 101 China
Shanghai Onlytec Industry Co.,Ltd. BW29 104 China
Shanghai Plastlink Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. BH39 102 China
Shanghai Triowin Automation Machinery Co.Ltd. BB31 101 China
Shanghai UPG International Trading Co.,Ltd. BM11 103 China
Shanghai Yuyin International Trading Co.,Ltd. BM19 103 China
Shanxi Tiangang Sino-Scienc Technological Development Co., Ltd. BG41 102 China
Shaoxing Keqiao Huangguan Machinery Co.,Ltd. BS39 104 China
Shekhar International AT46 99 India
Shinwa Kikai Co., Ltd. BI39 102 Japan
Siam Foods Consultant Co.,Ltd. BJ19 102 Thailand
Siam Golden Sales & Services Co.,Ltd. AW01 100 Thailand
Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd. EH19 106 Thailand
Siam Internatioanl Products Co.,Ltd. BX51 104 Thailand
Siam Scales & System Co.,Ltd. AN39 99 Thailand
Siam Tamiya Co.,Ltd. AR45 99 Thailand
Siamglass Industry Company Limited EM17 106 Thailand
Siamwells Engineering Supply Co.,Ltd. AZ49 100 Thailand
Siemens Ltd. Thailand BA31 100 Thailand
SIKO Products Asia Pte Ltd BC21 101 Singapore
Simik Inc. BU19 104 Taiwan
SIPA BR29 103 Italy
SK Pack Co.,Ltd. AJ31 98 Korea, South
Sky Softgel Co.,Ltd. BN11 103 Korea, South
Smart Identify Ltd. EE31 106 Thailand
SMC (Thailand) Ltd. AT21 99 Thailand
SMI BP11 103 Malaysia
SOCAPS BN28 103 France
Soda Vision Pte Ltd BD15 101 Singapore
Sodick Co., Ltd BE01 101 Japan
Sodick Co., Ltd BE01 101 Japan
Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation EJ01 106 Japan
Solids Handling and Process Engineering Co.,Ltd. (SHAPE) AY41 100 Thailand
Sollich KG AZ32 100 Germany
Solo Labeller Technology Sdn Bhd EE30 106 Malaysia
Solutionpack Machinery Co.,Ltd. AK51 98 Thailand
Songwon Management AG AT45 99 Switzerland
Sormac B.V. CD41 105 Netherlands
Southern Supply Co.,Ltd. EA35, CJ89 Thailand
SPX Flow Technology Singapore Pte Ltd BC39 101 Singapore
Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc AY29 100 United States
Sripipat Engineering Co.,Ltd. AD21 98 Thailand
ST Merchandise Co., Ltd. BY42 104 Thailand
Starpac India Ltd AP39 99 India
Statec Binder GmbH AY11 100 Austria
Stonhard USA AJ39 98 United States
Sung Hun Co.,Ltd. BB23 101 Korea, South
Sunrise Trading Co.,Ltd. BD41 101 Thailand
Suzhou Bigboss Machinery Co.,Ltd. BH42 102 China
Suzhou Hlm Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. BT33 104 China
Suzuki Machinery Co.,Ltd. BI13 102 Japan
Sweco Asia Division of Oilfield International Equipment and Supplies, Pte Ltd BE19 101 Singapore
Swentech (Thailand) Ltd. BL11 102 Thailand
SYSCON Labels & Packaging Co., Ltd. EA27 106 Thailand
Systech Instruments Ltd. AM49 99 United Kingdom
T Tarutani Pack Co.,Ltd. EG15 106 Thailand
T.C.K. Interplas Co.,Ltd. EJ39 106 Thailand
T.C.K. Plastic Co.,Ltd. EL31 106 Thailand
T.H. Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd. BY57 104 Thailand
T.U. Pack Co.,Ltd. AI11 98 Thailand
Taisei Lamick Co., Ltd. BI39 102 Japan
Taiwan Benefit Company BW11 104 Taiwan
Taiwan Packaging Association (TPA) AX41 100 Taiwan
Taiwan Plastics Industry Association AE21 98 Taiwan
Taizhou Huangyan Daelong Mold Co.,Ltd. BY01 104 China
Taizhou Huangyan Demark Trading Company BS29 104 China
Takara Pac (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EC25 106 Thailand
Takigawa Corporation EG11 106 Japan
TCP Pioneer Incorporated BY11 104 Taiwan
TEC Equipment L/P CE31 105 Thailand
Tech-long Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. BU01 104 China
Tex Year Vietnam Co., Ltd. EH03 106 Vietnam
Thai Korasia Co.,Ltd. EK19 106 Thailand
Thai M Pack Co.,Ltd. AG41 98 Thailand
Thai Nozato BI21 102 Thailand
Thai Polymer Supply Co.,Ltd. AH11 98 Thailand
Thai Scale Co.,Ltd. BS59 103 Thailand
Thai Sek Son Co.,Ltd. AQ41 99 Thailand
Thai Stamp Engineering Ltd.,Part. EB39 106 Thailand
Thai Vinyter Co.,Ltd. AH51 98 Thailand
Thai Waterline Systems Co.,Ltd. AU09 100 Thailand
Thaiflex Equipment Co.,Ltd. AJ51 98 Thailand
Thaiyo Engineering Ltd. BY53 104 Thailand
Thanyanon Trading Co.,Ltd. BT42 103 Thailand
Thavorn Label & Ribbon Co.,Ltd. EC26 106 Thailand
The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association BI21 102 Japan
The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. EI01 106 Japan
Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co KG AZ31 100 Germany
Tiger Kawashima Corporation BI21 102 Japan
Tippayakiat Co.,Ltd. EM27 106 Thailand
Titan Engineering Co.,Ltd. AT41 99 Thailand
TNA Australia Pty. Ltd BG19 101 Australia
Toamec Co.,Ltd. CA31 105 Japan
Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. AV21 100 Japan
Tomco Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltd. EB21 106 Thailand
Toptech Products and Service Ltd.,Part. BJ39 102 Thailand
Toray International Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EK21 106 Thailand
Toshiba Tec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EA01 106 Thailand
Totai Co.,Ltd. EI11 106 Japan
Totani Corporation BB55 101 Japan
Toyobo Co.,Ltd. EI09 106 Japan
Toyox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BZ57 104 Thailand
Trademark2u (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AA53 98 Thailand
Trelleborg Coated Systems Italy S.p.A. ED23 106 Italy
Trio Trading Co.,Ltd. EA33 106 Thailand
Trirex International Co.,Ltd. AC43 98 Thailand
U.D. Machinery Co.,Ltd. BR42 103 Thailand
U.P.E. Engineering Co.,Ltd. BW57 104 Thailand
Uhlmann Singapore LLP BD21 101 Singapore
UKEM Co.,Ltd. BZ69 104 Thailand
Ultimate Plus Supply Co.,Ltd. AL51 99 Thailand
Ultra Plast Asia Co.,Ltd. EJ16 106 Thailand
ULVAC (Thailand) Ltd. CA41 105 Thailand
Umang Pharmatech Pvt Ltd. BU44 104 India
Union Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd. BW42 104 Thailand
Unique Industrial Products Co.,Ltd. BN31 103 Thailand
United Caps BN21 103 France
Unitherm Food Systems BK21 102 United States
Unitika Ltd. EI19 106 Japan
Urschel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd BE11 101 Singapore
Varin Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. AX01 100 Thailand
Various Engineering Products Co.,Ltd. BH11 101 Thailand
VEGA Instruments Co.,Ltd. BY41 104 Thailand
Venz Industrial Co.,Ltd. AR31 99 Thailand
Victron UPS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BZ11 104 Thailand
VMECA Co.,Ltd. BN41 103 Korea, South
VOLPAK AQ11 99 Spain
Vox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. BI39 102 Thailand
Vten International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EK16 106 Thailand
WAM Singapore BHM Private Limited BD39 101 Singapore
Wasser Tech Co.,Ltd. BU33 104 Thailand
Water Test Co.,Ltd. CF31 105 Thailand
Webcontrol Machinery Corp. AF21 98 Taiwan
Weber Marking Systems (Thailand) Ltd. EC31 106 Thailand
Wenzhou Haizhou Packing Machine Co.,Ltd. AH41 98 China
Winkler und Dunnebier Susswarenmaschinen GmbH AZ39 100 Germany
Winner Inter Plas Co., Ltd. AE41 98 Thailand
Wisebiz (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. EB29 106 Thailand
Wist Co.,Ltd. BB11 101 Japan
Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH AY01 100 Germany
Wolstenholme Machine Knives Ltd. AT36 99 United Kingdom
Wong Thai Printing Plas Co.,Ltd. EJ21 106 Thailand
Worakulchai Package Seal Co.,Ltd. AF11 98 Thailand
World Kogyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AB57 98 Thailand
World Pack System Co.,Ltd. AR39 99 Thailand
World Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd. EI21 106 Thailand
World Steel Pallet Co.,Ltd. AD39 98 Thailand
World Trade Center Taichung (WTCT) AW11, AW21 100 Taiwan
Wuhan Haitai Weichuang Technology Co.,Ltd. AH45 98 China
Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co.,Ltd. AI36 98 China
Xi'an Shibo Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. BX31 104 China
Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. BH40 102 China
X-Per Technia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AS49 99 Thailand
Xylem Water Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd BP41 103 Malaysia
Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. AV31 100 Japan
Yamato Scale Co.,Ltd. BI13 102 Japan
Yes Media Co.,Ltd. # Vietnam
Yo Den Enterprises Co.,Ltd. AF22 98 Taiwan
ZACMI BR31 103 Italy
Zhangjiagang City Filltech Beverage Machinery Co.,Ltd. BT39 104 China
Zhangjiagang City New Crown Machinery Co.,Ltd. BW39 104 China
Zhangjiagang Datong Machinery Co.,Ltd. BX40 104 China
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery Co.,Ltd. BZ15 104 China
Zhangjiagang Wilford Thermal Co.,Ltd. BB38 101 China
Zhejiang Changhong Can End Making Co.,Ltd. AH44 98 China
Zhejiang Guanfeng Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. BG44 102 China
Zhejiang Mingbo Machinery Co.,Ltd. AI39 98 China
Zhongshan To-U Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. BB39 101 China
Zhucheng Guiguan Machinery Co.,Ltd. BT19 104 China