ผลิตภัณฑ์ไฮไลต์ประจำปี 2560

430 Plus Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BP40
Alfa Laval Toftejorg TJ 20G and TJ40G rotary jet head provides 3D indexed impact cleaning over a defined time period. It is automatic and represents a guaranteed means of achieving quality asurance in tank cleaning.
A&D Company Limited
Stand No. AV49
A&D is pleased to launch the high-accuracy checkweigher AD-4961-600-1224. Suitable for light weight and fast applications, it can weigh products up to 600g at 0.01g resolution with 400pcs/min throughput. Larger capacity checkweighers are also available.

The AD-4971 series metal detectors combine high sensitivity metal detection with simple operation.
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BJ31
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and experience teamwork. We provide our customers the best processing and packaging machine solutions for Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical and other industries. We believe that quality and responsibility are the key success factor.
Aerosia Interpac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AX61
The LC150 is the machine to quick chill liquid food from +90°C to +5°C. Continuous cooling of soup directly from the boiling pans without any waste of time and quality. Our system designed to get faster and safer the process to cook and chill without any manipulation from the operators.
AFA Technologies Sdn Bhd.
Stand No. AK39
AFA Technologies design and manufacture thermoforming packaging machine (Horizontal Form Fill Machine) ideally for F&B, medical or pharmaceutical industries. We also provide integration solution besides our standard packaging machines. We build our machine according to customer's packaging needs.
Atom-Mic Power Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AA21
A technology that will win you profits, now and in the future. SmartWire-Darwin greatly reduces wiring expenses and helps save costs: from design through construction and commissioning, up to expansions. SmartWire-Darwin relies on the proven Eaton Moeller industrial control equipment and enables these device to communicate.
Autofill Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AL38
  • Liquid Filling System
  • Capping/Clamping System
  • Tuenkey Line Solutions
  • FDA, GMP, cGMP, PIC/s
  • Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic
Autopack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX11
AUTOPACK Co., Ltd. is an Australian-Thai designer and manufacturer of shrink packaging machinery. Our range of Shrink Wrapping Systems and Tray Packaging Systems has been sold to hundreds of MNCs and SMEs within the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and consumer goods industries all over the globe.
Autopak Machinery Co., Ltd. (EVA)
Stand No. AA11
"AUTOPAK is not only a machine but is your best partner"

Many labelling machine style especialy high speed type may be suited for pharma manufacturer wait your proving.
B&R Industrial Automation Pte Ltd
Stand No. BR11
Next Generation Industrial Transport Technology

B&R's flexible industrial conveyor systems let you move products through your production line more efficiently while simultaneously improving quality. Based on long-stator linear motors, B&R's next-generation industrial transport solutions, make production lines more flexible, more reliable and faster.

Come and see it live at BR11!
B.O.T. Company Limited
Stand No. BM41
Smoke House is advance technology for hot and cold smoking and cooking
Beijing Longlitech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB39
GZPL-680 series high speed tablet press is a late model launched by Beijing LongliTech Co., Ltd.It is an innovation of advanced design concept with own intellectual property and leading control technology.As a series of GMP and FDA conformity model,its innovation and technology take the leading position in China.
Benison (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AQ21
Auto Label/Tamper evident Sleeving Machine.
Bindtec Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK27
Model: YL-420
  • Use 30,50mm paper and film band.
  • Heat-sealing system
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Binding without heating time.
  • AUTO/MANUAL operations
  • Machine accepts only one size band
  • No odor in binding
Bitek Technology (Anytron)
Stand No. BB22
"new any-002" is the best desktop color label printer capable of short runs that generate lovely user-friendly labels quickly and affordably.

The output speed of 9 m per minute will generate 5,000 labels in only 1 hours.

Our product is very user-friendly and there is no need for professional technicians.
BKP Pass Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BA55
Eurobelt has developed a conveyor belt injected in a plastic material capable of being detected by the X-Ray detectors. Appropriate for the direct contact with food and a great work temperature range, from -40°C - 80°C, observes the US FDA 21 CFR and the Europea Regulations.
B-TAC Industrial Automation
Stand No. AJ39
The NFC Technology as vacuum system for packaging industry. Energy and Process Control Data as a Basis for Industry 4.0

And ACE Deceleration & Vibration Technology.

Your partner for industrial shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology.

Our products help to make your production processes faster, more efficient, quieter, safer and more sustainable.
Cab Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AH29
The SQUIX are the further development of the successful A+ printers.

SQUIX represent innovative technology, easy operation, accuracy of impression, reliable and fast printing, compact, appealing design and highest quality standards.
Calvatis GmbH
Stand No. BG32
Ozone in Food Processing.

Ozone as an oxidant is used in water treatment, sanitising, washing and disinfection of equipment, odour removal, and fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood processing.
Cama 1 S.p.A.
Stand No. AQ31
CAMA GROUP FULLY ROBOTIZED IF318 MONOBLOCK CARTON FORMING/LOADING/CLOSING SYSTEM includes the latest Break-Through Generation technological innovations by CAMA and marks an industry milestone with the highest standard of R&D in secondary packaging automation. Among the most innovative features: pitchless box indexing system; variable box handling device; 100% Fool-proof size changing.
Chaozhou Chaoan Jixiang Film Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI38
We are specialized in producing Rice bags for over 32 years.
Cheng Pang Precision Corp.
Stand No. AG41
Our company produce the gear-motor reducer. Our motors and reducers are integrated in design, Moreover, inverters could be adopted on our motor for function upgrading. All gears are grinding gears, low noise in operation. Motor coils with F class, which is endurable for high temperature. Terminal box with IP55.
Chep Pallecon Solutions (Thailand)
Stand No. AH31
CHEP’s new generation IBC, Pallecon iCONIC-DS, has innovative design features that promotes cost advantages, efficiency improvements and waste reduction.

iCONIC-DS holds 20% more product in the same space as four 200L drums, eliminates the need to wash, sanitise a bottle after each trip and is suitable for applications across industries.
Cleanable Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AP59
Manufactured from our own formulation involving additives that conform to food contact regulations, this addition allows material that may become accidentally detached from an article in use to be detected by standard in-line metal detection equipment. Appropriate for articles used in both the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.
Stand No. BF32
Cotes A/S in Denmark is the world’s leading expert in adsorption dehumidification technology, providing high-quality, low-maintenance humidity management solutions that are remarkably energy efficient. Our large product range fits into almost all industries both optimize production, increase product quality and storage conditions.
Creative Packaging Solution Co., Ltd
Stand No. AE11
Vertical bagger BVC
  • High efficiency and reduced down times due to sense&seal product detection
  • Easy and quick cleaning, as the product area is separated from the drive area
    Also available in stainless steel design
  • The product range can be configured in a flexible way for different customers applications
Creatus Corporation Limited
Stand No. BS41
Waste management is very costly -- time lost, resources involved, workforce needed, security risk, transportation cost.

Our innovative solution from Germany compact it and turn into money -- smaller waste, better space efficient, easier transportation, lower transportation cost, selling at higher value.
Cube DCM Korea
Stand No. BN42
T150S: Encapsulation machine for soft capsule
  • The Safety cover for operator's safety and preventing clean inside of cover from any dusts.
  • The thickness of gelatin ribbon on the guide rollers of encapsulation machine is checked by Automatic Gelatin Thickness Checking System
  • Top speed of 4.5 RPM
DAB Technology Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD29
DAB Technology supplies a wide range of vacuum solutions from vacuum components for automation (vacuum pumps, vacuum suction cups, vacuum pads, vacuum ejectors) to vacuum lifting equipment (vacuum lifters, vacuum crane systems, manipulators) to full customized vacuum systems as well as special vacuum components (vacuum clamps, conveyor belts).
Dase-Sing Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AE21
Auto Shrink sleeve labeller
i-sleeve Pro
600/bpm(PVC 40um)
550/bpm(PVC 32um)
350/bpm(PET 20um)

(fast)Inserting speed 600/bpm(PVC 40um)
(thin)Available for 20um film inserting 350bpm
Debac (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BS55



High quality hand dryer low noise and powerful wind, dry hand within 10 second

save the word, save paper tissue, save electric cost with cool wind with brushless motor working time 5-8 years, maintenance free.
Dhon Siri Diesel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BV41
PUROL Spray Grease. 3H Direct Food Contact Grease. NSF-3H, H1 Registered-for direct, incidental contact with food. For use as a direct food contact release agent and as a lubricant. Temperature resistance -10°C to +110°C.

ISO 21469 and HALAL Certified
Dong Woo ST Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK15
Most Famous Roll cutting Machine in ASEN.

It can cut not only tapes, but also many types of films.
Dongguan Gosunm Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AU42
Dongguan Gosunm Machinery Co.,Ltd concentrated on primary package, secondary package, and the whole solution automatic industry. Relying on a strong industrial advantage to provide relevant automation solutions to replace the manual labour, will spare no efforts to maximum the level of unmanned operation.
D-Smart Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE01
Special Price Production Date Machine
ECM Co., Ltd
Stand No. BN31
Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine (ECTC-60T).

Counting all shapes of coated/uncoated tablet, hard and soft capsule with perfect accuracy.

Continuous product feeding during the bottle change enabled by chute gating cylinders.
Eminence International Ltd.
Stand No. BP01
Film Coating HF-10: Unique designed baffles steady and consistency moves tablets beneath the spray gun without damage the surface of tablets. Special apparatus to exchange the tablet of the bottom layer to the top continually. Easy dismantle to wash for every corner of the machine can be reached by hand.
European Tech Solutions Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BQ19
DeltaVITA bead mills are designed to produce ultra fine particles and nano-suspensions to increase the bioavailability and to reduce the required amount of API. DeltaVITA has the advantages for sterile pharmaceutical production with CIP/SIP. Special FDA certified VITAbeads for nano-size. R&D machines and production scale machines.
Exact Pack Machinery Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AU35
Time is money!! buy our hassle-free weighing machine to help you save money!!!!

We are Machine Maker from Malaysia, one of the leading packaging machine company in Malaysia.

We proudly present you the user-friendly & economical design of weighing machine that will help you to save time in your packaging process!!!
Exen Corporation
Stand No. BM55
Knocker, 100% operated by pneumatic, to solve any kinds of material flow problems in the hoppers or bins.
This device can solve the problem where the vibrators cannot be the solution, and is especially effective for fine and sticky materials.
Express Plaspack (thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AH41
Utien thermoforminng machine for pack food, sausage, meat ball, bakery, fresh meat, seafood by vacuum pack, M.A.P. pack, rigid pack, skin pack. Printed to the pack, weight pass to thermoforming machine.
Stand No. #
The Fameccanica FDRU robotic bottle unscrambler is designed to handle with every kind of bottles in plastic material without damaging them.

The costs of additional formats and downtimes are dramatically lowered through the automatic size change.

FDRU is Fameccanica answer to the increasing demand in flexibility coming from the Market.
FlexLink Systems Pte Ltd.
Stand No. AQ11
Norden Machinery is the world leading supplier of tube filling systems, with over 80 years’ experience in the business.

At Propak we will show our latest machine, the new NML150. Filling up to 150 tubes/minute and configured for those who go straight to performance.
Food Service and Solution Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BU44
Hillbrush Hygiene encompassing the pinnacle of food-safe cleaning equipment, ideal for anyone looking for innovative hygienic tools for all manner of applications.
Forefront FoodTech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BK11
GEWA3800VPlus the continuous washer from Kronen Germany. The washer is suitable for many kinds of vegetables, such as, leaf and root products. The machine can be optionally equipped with air bubble and floating particle rotating drum. Tests with your products can be done at the Propak show.
G HWA Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BL41
G HWA’s manufacturing process complies with ASME-BPE, which is the leading Standard on how to design and build equipment and systems used in the production of biopharmaceuticals, it brings together standard stainless steel component types, length sizing, round & squareness tolerances, and additionally the manufacturing materials are standardized.
Gardner Denver (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BY11
Ultima : Oil-free Variable Speed Screw Compressor Technology

2stages-2motors, No Gear–No Oil:100% Oil-free ISO8753-1 CLASS 0 compliant

Ultima: utilizes two high speed, highly efficient motors that combine with the high efficiency airends

Ultima: The real deal

The unique patented design by GardnerDenver deliver numerous benefit to compressed air user
Gebo Cermex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BW01
Gebo Cermex offers comprehensive 360° solutions to boost productivity while driving down OPEX and total cost of ownership.

Our ‘Cobotics solutions’ with real-time combination of robot capacities and skills of human being can improve working conditions and increase human productivity by allowing workers to be assigned to high value-added tasks.
Gem Allied Industries Pvt Ltd.
Stand No. AN43
Band Dryer / Belt Dryer / Continuous Tray Dryer / Multi-Stage Dryer used for various industries such as Coconut, Seaweed, Cereals, Pigments, Animal Feed, Pet Food, etc,.

The dryer can be built in various sizes and capacities from 500 Kgs per hour to 2500 Kgs per hour.
General Aluminum Works (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Stand No. CE10
Laminated Foil Lids used for Instant Cup Noodles, Yogurt Cup.

Laminated Foil used in various food packaging such as Tea/Coffee/Sugar Sachets.

Printed Film Lids for Mineral Water Cups.
Gikit Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AG45
GIKIT PACK Thailand Innovation New Foods Packaging "PET Can Easy Open"
Good Time Import-Export Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AP11
Full servo automatic horizontal wrapper machine

Model: HP-450IV

Detail: This machine is suitable for wrapping a product like cracker bar, cake and etc. It can wrapping with a high speed and accuracy.
Greater Tech Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AS41
We are professional in the design and construction of machinery for the food and beverage industry. However, we are able to design the machine and production line according to the customer's product and production area.

Thai Machinery Quality International Standards.
Green Pack Global Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AL46
Set up in 1993, Green Pack Enterprise specializes in designing and making diverse types of plastic packaging for foods (including baked goods), take out packaging containers etc.

Backed by cutting-edge technologies ISO standards and patents, we welcome orders for joint product development and export ventures (including technology transfer).
GuangDong HighDream Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AD12
Complete seal vibrators cover with high waterproof protection Grooved motor housing edges and round rubber sealing Caps behind screw holes to avoid leaking water and humidity Moisture gathering device inside central compartment Higher basement hold up electric boards in electric compartment Air filter to keep inner space of weigher dry.
Guangdong Olger Precise Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI29
CI fleox printer at 200m for BOPP/PE & Papar roll.
Guangzhou Fresh World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AU50
Fresh World FW-3150 is commercial grade food vacuum sealer, could be vacuum liquid good even water and have a good seal.4mm seal width.
Guangzhou Ribo Plastic Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AD16
Full electric energy saving series (0.3~2L), capacity: 9000~24000bph; 38mm heating pitch, rotary heating system, energy saving 50% to 150%, widely used for making PET bottle for drinking water, CSD, medium temperature filling drink, etc.
Hangzhou Huilong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BR39
HL series automatic strecth blow molding system has been entirely redesigned. Its development has led to new high-speed manufacturing solutions aimed at productivity and package quality for PET bottles up to 20000 bph per unit. In collaboration with the customer and our international partners.
Hi-Cook (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BE01
Compact fryer "DC" is a gas fryer conveyor system has a compact design to save area. The fryer is easy to use and can also be used with multiple product types. Manufactured by HI-COOK (Thailand) and maintain the quality standards typical of HI-COOK Japan
Hypervac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK23
MAP-AR2E (Rail Type)
Widely used for the products what it needs gas flushed.

Applications: Fresh Meat, Processed Meat, Seafood such as clam, oyster, shrimp and etc.

Extending shelf-life of fresh products
Maintain the shape and color of the natural product
Hyunjin Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK12
The Hi-Master 1000 provides fast production speed of paper cup, designed for customer’s convenience based on 38 years of accumulated technology. Possible cup sizes ranges from 8oz to 44oz for Hot & Cold beverage cup, Coffee cup, Ice cream cup and etc.
ILLIG Maschinebau Gmbh & Co.KG
Stand No. AS39
ILLIG’s Form, Fill, and Seal Machine FSL 48 achieves a production capacity of more than 30 cycles per minute. With optimum format layout and plastic packs adjusted to product, up to 40,000 packs per hour can be produced, each one decorated by ILLIG’s In-Mold-Labeling technology at up to 5 areas.
Illinois Enterprise Co.
Stand No. AL26
All kinds of trolleys. flatfrom truck, foldable hand truck.
Stand No. AM39
The Inox Instantiser has been successfully proven to be the food industry answer to fast, homogeneous powder/liquid mixing and an effective solution to problems that occur with mixing systems where breaking up of difficult to mix solutions and agglomerates are present with traditional mixing equipment.
Inspak Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd.
Stand No. BN23
Inspak Technologies is specialized in designing and manufacturing a complete range of high technology inspection devices for bottling line. Research and development of essentially and efficient new technology for most reliable real detection of characteristic features of bottles, cans and crates.
Inspire Mach Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BG01
Our thermoforming machine is suitable for vacuum packing processed meat products such as ham, poultry, seafood, as well as medical instruments and electronics. Our machine is effective for mass production of one or a few goods and is characterized to keep the packing productions fresh, hygienic and longer shelf life.
Instrument Control Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BZ01
We are professional of Shrink Packaging Machine more than 26 years. We do design and engineering the best function, good performance and less cost of maintenance, best raw material to our machinery. Thus we are top range of this business in Thailand.
IPT - Innovative Print Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CC04
IPT-Innovative Print Technologies is supplying high quality products to meet the needs of our valued customers. We are working in 2 key industry sectors, the rubber and tyre industry, and the printing and packaging industry. We work closely with our suppliers and strive to maintain the highest levels of support.
Jacob White Packaging Ltd.
Stand No. AU25
Jacob White introduces the Fully Flexible Stainless Steel NSX3 cartoner. With no change parts this cartoner will be able to package the full range of your products. Easy to change sizes in a matter of minutes, it can be packaging your products back to 60-80 cartons per minute.
Jiangsu Faygounion Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX35
High efficiency PET bottle blowing machine!
Supper stable and energy saving!
Single cavity reach 1800BPH!
Four cavities reach 7200BPH!
5 nation invention patents!
8 utility model patent!
Jiangyin Huafeng Printing & Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AL19
Huafeng ELS technology adopts high dynamic characteristics of the interface match with Huafeng independent research & development control system, communication directly by digital signal. With the formula save function, material waste will much lower. Machine have the function of remote assistance function also.
Jiangyin Kesheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AL11
Our KESHENG MACHINERTY adopted advanced 3-D design technology, combined with all kinds of material characteristics, customers` requirement and operators`habit to independently research and develop a series of slitter. Our slitter technology has obtained national patent protection.
Jiangyin Lida Printing&Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB37
LYA-M-ELS Series Rotogravure Printing Machine(ELS )
Applicable material: Paper, Plastic film
Mechanical Speed:270m/min
Web material width:850,1050,1250,1450,1650mm
Registration precision:≤±0.10 mm
Dia of unwind and rewind:Ф600,800mm
Dia. of plate cylinder:Ф120 mm-Ф300 mm
Dry method: Electricity, Steam, Thermal oil or Gas
Optional functions: Independent turret type or disc type. Ink trolley. Reverse printing system. Energy saving system.
Stand No. BF38
For over 20 years, JIMCO® A/S UV-C-based air purification systems have been applied by the Food industry, to eliminate odour emissions. NEW Chemical-free disinfection of surfaces and complete production areas, has attracted great interest in the food industry.
Jinan Arrow Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. AD15
Fantastic Technology Double Screw Extruder

FT Series Multi-Function double screw extruder developed based on Euro technology, designed for cereals, grains based materials, making puffs, breakfast cereals, oil fry, pellets, animal feed, soya nugget food by changing modular screw design, formulation change.
John Bean Technologies (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AX41
A compact and versatile two-zone cooking system for a wide range of applications, the Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven can cook roast and steam-cook a wide range of applications, while maintaining low running and maintenance costs. The oven can process higher volumes of up to 4 tonnes of product per hour.
K & W Global Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BA21
K &W GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) is the authorized representative of the world's leading meat processing machinery, especially for sausages, pet food and meat processing products. In PROPAK ASIA 2017, the new innovations as well as the latest technology will be distinctively presented.
Kacon Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB23
Superb Cost Effective Color mark sensor KC91.
This is considering the most cost effective function and price for normal color sensing application.
  1. 3.5mm spot size at 10mm distance
  2. 10ms sensing speed &
  3. Extended function for 2CH ,RS485
Stand No. BK23
  • Up to 1 200 bpm - exclusive dual shooting head system
  • High reliability 99,5% efficiency stated
  • Registration Accuracy: continuous sleeve motion
  • Fast changeover <5 mins
  • Positive sleeve placement on bottle neck
  • Troubleshooting done via HMI - fast resolution
  • One head functionality -easy maintenance operation
Kinetic Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BA67
The vacuum freeze dryer is the best method of preserving a wide variety of products and suitable for various kinds of foods, some non-foods, Pharmaceuticals, Herbs, agricultural products and also some desserts. Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us at 0-2873 5550 or email: [email protected]
Kirloskar South East Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF43
Kirloskar South East Asia, Thailand is south east asia office of Kirloskar Pneumatic Co., Ltd. from India, one of the leading companies in air-gas-refrigeration compressors and packages. This compressors find wide application like utility air, food and bev processing preservation, oil and gas, pharma, chemicals, agriculture, packaging.....

visit : www.kirloskarkpcl.com
Kluber Lubrication Munchen SE & Co. KG
Stand No. AT31
With regard to food safety, advanced speciality lubricants for the food industry are playing an ever bigger part in attaining efficient production and failure-proof machine operation . The tribology expert Klüber Lubrication shall be exhibiting newly developed, high-quality for the food-processing industry, and customized services for the food sector.
KM Grand Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AY49
KM Grand Pack is manufacturer for WATERSPRAY OVERPRESSURE RETORT for sterilizing all kinds of packages including flexible and rigid containers such as pouches, plastic tray, plastic bottles, glass jars, etc.. System includes static or rotary types in pilot or production scale with optional host computer system.
Kpowerscience Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AL42
WINJET ML5500W, the high-speed laser printer for computer forms.
  • Non-contact cold fusing
  • 156 ppm (A4, 2-up)
  • Max. 18"-wide media
  • Tractor-feed
  • Controller with various emulations
  • Auto burster & power stacker
  • Labels, tags, billings, mailing, logistic applications.
More at: www.winjet-printers.com
Krones (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / Krones AG
Stand No. BR01
New Krones e-shop

Krones is introducing an additional value for our customers to buy our entire range of Krones products; Spare parts, Valves, Upgrades, Offer about training and Second-hand machines through our new online shop. Just a couple of clicks away will make your working day considerably easier
KS Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK26
Packaging machinery manufactured in Korea.
High performance and durability, good price.
KTBEL Technics Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BM59
  1. GEA : Granulation Technologies & High Speed Tablet Presses
  2. KREAMER CHARLES ISCHI: tablet testing technology online and offline with tableting machine.
  3. VAC-U-MAX : Pneumatic Conveying systems
  4. HOONG-A : High speed blister, Cartoner and end of line equipments
  5. PACKLINE : Material Handling systems for film rolls, reels, drums, containers
Kurz (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. CE09
We have developed a thermal-transfer foil that allows you to add information. It only becomes visible clearly under UV light, revealing the authentication feature of your choice. This thermal-transfer foil underscores the uniqueness of your product and protects you and your customers. That's why we call it "TTR Unique"
Kyunghan Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK25
High temperature and high pressure sterilizer STERI-ACE uses a patented Air Steam. It has an effective rectangular design. 2-step sterilizing system that helps to cook deliciously and available for LL(Long-life) chilled food. Also, it makes less retort smell and does not damage the taste, color, texture and pouch materials.
Kyungseo Machine Co., / Kyungseo E&P Co.,
Stand No. BB21
Easy-to-clean construction.
Requires little maintenance.
Hygienic stainless steel structur.
Flexible changes in pouchformat / weight.
Easy operation with digital control panel
Laz Step Ltd.
Stand No. AP55
LAZ STEP Ltd. designing and manufacturing the PET food grade plastic containers and cans in different sizes and capacities.

We make cans seamer machines. all type designed and manufactured in Thailand.
Liaoyang Newmic Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BR31
CY series can fulfill the bottle blowing demand of mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, Oil, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.
Liberty Products Partnership Limited
Stand No. CB43
Consultancies and design, plants and installations for Environment (in cooperation with Model Engineering) – water-, waste-, wastewater treatment, biogas plants.
Luoyang Wanji Aluminium Processing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BR20
CY series can fulfill the bottle blowing demand of mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, Oil, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.
Machconfill (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BS19
Capacity 1,000-2,000
Model : MRFC 661-881
This series model complete with the rinsing, filling and capping together. Low space possessing, compact design. Applicable for viscosity product filling detergent, Juice, water beverage
Mactec Italia Srl
Stand No. BT22
Combi is the combination of a Shrink Wrapper and a Handle Applicator in just one machine. The first one shrinks the film on multi-packs, the second one applies the innovative self-adhesive carry handle on the packaging. Combi is manufactured by Mactec, Italian manufacturer of Equipment and innovative packaging applications
Mariani Srl
Stand No. BT29
Shelf Ready Secondary Packaging for Premium Products by MARIANI -IMW332 CASE-PACKER.

The SRP-RRP packages is a challenge made by wrap-around packers serie IMW332 AP/S : designed to meet a large variety of packaging requirements and producing cardboard trays with lid of the SHELF READY PACKAGING type
Mawin Plastics Company Limited
Stand No. CF32
We offer various plastic solutions to different industries, such as: F&B, cosmetics, toiletries, airline, household products, and etc. Additionally, we are proud to present our exclusive RoboxDual - multi-material desktop 3D printer.
Maxtex Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW49
The Focus is an optical sorter especially developed to sort products with various optical deficiencies. Discoloration, deformation and foreign objects are detected and accurately removed from the product flow, and can be used for fresh/dried or frozen potato product, vegetables, fruit as well as seafood.
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AZ21
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering or "MechFood" is Leader Company in Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Service of Machine & Conveyor System for Food & Beverage Processing and other Industries in Thailand under Standard ISO 9001:2015. We have been developing our technology and productivity.
MH Multipack Sdn Bhd
Stand No. BQ29
A new breakthrough Liquid Filling System for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.

Complete Liquid Filling Line from Rinsing, Filling, Capping, Cupping & Labeling with production speed 150 bottles/min.
Mitsubishi Shoji Packaging Corporation
Stand No. CF12
DISPEN PAK is a portion pack with one hand opening feature and can squeeze out of content easily without being messy. In tune with its unique and universal design concept, DISPEN PAK brings convenient, easy control, sanitary and fun solution to your packaging!
Miura Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV39
Vacuum cooler

Miura offers a solution to the food processing industry for improved safety by quick cooling food.
MMP Corporation Ltd.
Stand No. CB21
Pallet Wrapping Machine

300% Power Pre-Stretch Automatic program run pin punch automatic film cutting
MNT Food Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BM39
MNT Food Machine Co.,Ltd is the leader of producer of food industrial machinery with the best quality of product and services after purchase in Thailand. We are honest and sincere to bring good service to our customers.
Modern Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK14
  1. Metal detector
  2. Aluminum foil Packed Metal Detector
  3. Check Weigher
  4. X-Ray Inspection System
MT Food Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH01

Grasselli NSA600XC Slicer

  • Full 2 dimensional slicer capable of producing either uniform or random (hand cut effect) strips & cubes
  • In combination with the Grasselli KSL600 horizontal
    slicer the line gives fully controllable 3 dimensional
Multivac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV01
Stand No. BP55
Whirl-Pak® sterile laboratory sampling bags have been manufactured in the USA since 1959. The Whirl-Pak® brand stands for unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and service. Our bags are ideal for sample collection, preparation, and retention. Please visit our booth for free samples of our classic and NEW laboratory sampling bags.
NCR Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF57
Weighing Range: 30 kg
Intervals: 10 g
Roller Diameter: 61.5 mm
Belt Width: 400 mm
Belt Length: 800 mm
Transport Height: 775 - 925 mm
Conveyor Speed: 0.2 - 1.0 m/s
Transport Direction: Right to left
Belt Type: Food-grade belt
Light Barriers: Included

Additional Interfaces: Ethernet interface kit
RS232 interface

Protection Class: IP 65s
Display: Display in control cabinet

  • Frequency converter
  • Integrated emergency stop button
NETZSCH Thailand Ltd.
Stand No. BB59
NETZSCH Pumps & Systems - Solutions you can trust.
Newlong Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AR39
Overtape sealer with Folder Model: FT-32D

Filled bag are inserted into the carrier Chains, and all operations including trimming, folding, and overtape sealing are performed automatically in one line can be used with an existing automatic bagging machine
Nippon Automatic Fine Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV45
NAFM will exhibit OTC-100 Semi Atutomatic
compact cartoner.
Speed: 25CPM for 3 flaps one-touch carton
Carton size: 60-200L x 30-95W x 25-75Hmm
Simple and easy operation.
Small footprint.
Easy maintenance
Nippon Bacterial Test Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BQ34
SWAB-PRO is a quick and easy way to confirm the cleanliness of surfaces visually by detecting protein residues left on the surface after cleaning.

Protein residues can serve for nutrition of bacteria. To avoid cross-contamination or food poisoning, it is effective to check the protein residue using SWAB-PRO after cleaning.
Nippon Polystar Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV22
Model: PAW-6000B
Vegetable wrapping machine
  • High performance and speed for wrapping vegetables
  • Easy operation and Stores 100kinds of item data
  • PAMS (OPTION): Wrapping system which calculates optical bag length depending on each item length, and seals and cuts bags automatically. PAMS is very effective to wrap vegetables of various length.
Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV46
Industry-First Hot air technology for Shrink sleeves “TORNADO”.
CM(YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=281vHzv-xjQ

3 Prominent features
  1. Crisp finish
  2. Saves space and energy
  3. Easy to maintain and operate
Novopak Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CC40
High quality transoparantide Food PVC wrap made by CAST. Thicknesses from 8 to 30 microns
NSW Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX41
FLUKLEAN is an eco-friendly – Industrial Fluidized Bed - cleaning system that removes contamination without the use of chemicals. FLUKLEAN provides outstanding safety, easy operation and short process-time without abrasion and corrosion to your parts. Contact [email protected] for more info.
Ntek Plas Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BY21
This is a new designed blowing machine, aiming to minimize the production cost and maximize the capacity with high quality. This machine can blow PET bottle with varied sizes up to 1,500 ml (350ml / 600ml applicable), which the capacity is around 2,200-2,500 bph for NT-3L
Official Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BQ33
Food sensory booth is designed to suit flavor, color and smell analysis for foods and beverages projects. It comes with necessary equipments for laboratories including lights in many colors, computer data analysis, water supply and drain.
Okada Shigyo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CB41
Hi-quality GAL

Perforation on the surface (straight dots) at a certain point makes it easy to open with less power by anyone.
No damage on a barrier layer.
Full and straight opened aperture.
No need of a notch.
OPK Marketing Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AA53
‘SEIDO BRAKE’ : A great safety function everyone can afford! Stopping brake called ‘SEIDO BRAKE’ an accessory to install with OPK hand pallet truck. Let SEIDO BRAKE helps you to slow down hand pallet from steep slope and prevent any injured. Available now in Thailand!
Owner Foods Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BJ29
High performance, excellent design and easy operate with smart price.
Packerman Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AD43
We are pleased to introduce our new eco-friendly PP lunch box for easy and convenient packaging of food. It is 100% suitable for microwave re-heating so consumers can still enjoy the reheated food without any concerns on taste and health.
Palawatr Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK51
Conceived to palletize and de-palletize boxes and packs, working either by layers or by rows. Attributes two main movements, vertical and horizontal, Its design allows it to perform high precision movements, ensuring a perfect palletizing, with different types of grips to suit each customer’s unique needs.
Pilz South East Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE15
SafetyEYE is an award-winning safe camera system for 3D zone monitoring. It enables uninterrupted three-dimensional monitoring and control of danger zones, with it's intelligent sensor technology combined with effective control. Innovative 3D technology and the user-friendly software enable complex applications to be monitored and controlled with just one system!
Plantek Silmet (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CC11
The Videojet 1860 provides advanced warning of clogging and EHT trips. The new SIMPLICiTYTM interface greatly reduces operator interactions.
Pneumax Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF49
แทนจำหน่ายปั๊มสุญญากาศ แวคคัมปั๊ม Leybold Vacuum Pump, Oil Diffusion, Turbomolecular, Refrigerator, Sogevac, Trivac, Screw Vacuum, Rotary Vane, Screw Line Dry, Oil Free Scroll, Rotary Piston Pumps
PPM Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE13
Ppm pack

It is a leading company in the distribution of flexible pouch packaging products.
Especially the type of spout pouch all types.
Primus Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AJ55
  • Heating elements of cylindrical shape (C-Shape) with heating part formed by infrared heater segments.
  • Energy Saving 30-70% when compare with general heater.
  • External surface temperature 50 °C
  • Easy installation.
  • Reduce Heat Loss
  • Life Time 4-5 years
Professional Vacuum Partners Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BA51
Edwards EDC is a new generation of robust single stage dry claw vacuum pumps.

EDC dry claw pumps features an innovative design, creating a new benchmark in the claw pump market. The simplicity, robustness, efficiency and contaminant handling capability of these pumps make them the smart choice for your application.
PVN Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF51
PVN & Pawin Engineering are the trusted provider of automation products and spray nozzles. We develop customer-focused solutions, including design and consultation into customer's process issues. Our area of expertise includes but not limited to drying and blow-off, humidification and tank cleaning applications.
Q II S Co., Ltd. Harn Engineering Solutions Public Company Limited
Stand No. CB11
DCF2500-Inline carton Print & Verify for Pharmaceutical Cartons

We have a complete range of technology for direct parts marking and label printing as well as the unrivalled expertise in the health care industry to help you become compliant with emerging global legislation.
Quality Sealed Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE31
Quality Sealed : We are packaging company for
High-end film material for food packaging, especially meat processed, fresh meat, sausages, Sea foods & frozen packaging.
  • Flexible film for Thermoforming machine
  • Semi-rigid film
  • Easy Peel material
  • Pasteurize film
  • Zipper material
  • Shrink Film & Shrink bags
  • Breathable Film for fresh meat
  • Anti-UV material
Rano Tech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BK59
One of the most successful and biggest manufacturer of Evaporative Condenser and closed circuit cooling tower, WXR, is proudly present products and ready for superb services and spare parts in Thailand.
Stand No. BK35
Revtech supplies custom-made industrial solutions for the heat treatment of dry ingredients. It has installed over 120 industrial units worldwide in the food industry (herbs, spices, cereal products, nuts, seeds…). Our equipment can be used for various applications: steam pasteurization, stabilization, toasting & roasting, simply by adapting the operating parameters.
Ruampat Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH51
VARIOVAC OPTIMUS is the thermoformer equipped with high technology that perfect for small and medium size packaging areas. With various applications and additional devices, it will suit your specific business needs. VARIOVAC OPTIMUS is leading in the market for food and non food manufacturers.
S.V. Machinery Limited Partnership
Stand No. AH42
This is slitter machine (Made in Thailand) and Maximum speed is 400 metres/min. and We also made machine related with packaging industry whether Rotogravure printing machine, Flexo Printing Machine, Dry Laminate Machine, Coating Machine, Slitter Machine, Roll to Sheet Machine, Machine made to order.
Samsung Machinery Inc.
Stand No. AK18
Complete Filling Lines.
  • Auto COP, CIP system.
  • Capacity : 42,000 BPH
Schwarz Druck GmbH
Stand No. AT33
Schwarz Druck protects your Brand and Products. We supply Tamper Evident Brand-Protection-Solutions such as highly efficient security Labels and Tax Stamps. Furthermore certificates of authenticity up to efficient Track & Trace solutions for goods likewise pharmaceutical products.
Sejin Tech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB24
  • Based on pre-made bag, automatic weighing & Packing machine is designed.
  • This rice packing machine is suitable for self-brand products packing. It can be applied to pack granule type of products up to 10kg.
  • Weighing and packing time is 6 seconds
  • Small batch production
Selcon Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BK51
Vacuum Homo Mixer for Toothpaste 100L
Selic Corp Company Limited
Stand No. CC21
TORA : High Performance PU Reactive Hotmelt : The most versatile and strongest adhesive out on the market today.

MINERVA : Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Hotmelt : Environmentally friendly suitable for high speed machines and easy to transport and space reduction.
Senta Pack Machinery & Service Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BE01
  1. Fully automated spout and pouch loading, alignment, sealing & transfer.
  2. Highly accurate spout and pouch alignment.
  3. Five stage pre-seal/heat/heat/heat/cool sealing system insure uniformly strong spout and pouch seal quality.
  4. Optional vacuum decay seal leak testing and machine vision spout alignment inspection system.
Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BV39
  1. Capacity :500-30000L/H
  2. Sterilizing Temp: 85-135℃
  3. Control : PLC control, Touch screen Display.
Shanghai Dikai Coding Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD29
DIKAI company has successfully developed 3 models of Thermal Transfer Overprinter, namely D01, D03 & D05. These three models suit the practical requirements of our customers and thus received high reputation among them. To satisfy our customers is the ultimate goal of DIKAI Coding.
Shanghai HongYan Returnable Transit Packagings Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AU49
Horen’s RPC is a modular foldable plastic crate system based on ECR 1200x1000mm pallets with many innovations by HOREN R&D team.
Shanghai Komatsu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd
Stand No. AI41
This machine is Multi-lane liquid & paste automatic filling and packaging machine, Its advantages: wide application, simple operation, easy maintenance. This machine is used in multi-lane of 4-side packing.
Shanghai Triowin Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BF21
On the basis of independent innovation, Triowin absorbs advanced mechanical design and automation control technology from European countries, especially in food processing equipment. In the area of fruit and vegetable processing machinery and intelligent robots, Triowin has become one of the world leaders in the industry.
Shanghai UPG International Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BM11
This machine is an economical fully-auto operation L sealer by our company’s independent research and development, which is widely used in mass production assembly line with auto-feeding, conveying, sealing, shrinking in one time.
Shanghai Yuyin International Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BM19
This machine is suitable for filling and sealing a quantity of viscosity of oil, cream, gel and ointment.
Shantou Auto Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH25
DW Multi-step High-speed Thermoforming Machine is our latest developed product imported Germany technology which is the new generation of revolutionary product in the field of packaging, food, electronics industry. This series is widely used and universal.
Shantou Changcheng Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB31
RQD+N Series -Multi-function Side Sealing Bag Making Machine.
Shantou Mengxing Package Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH22
Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical combination, all working actions are controlled by PLC. Touch screen makes the operation convenient and easy. Pressure And/Or Vacuum forming.

Up and down mold forming method.

Servo motor feeding, feeding length can be step-less adjusted. High speed and accurate.
Shantou Mingsheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI28
JX003-Automatic Teabag in bag Packaging Machine with thread and tag and Plastic wrapper.
Shenzhen Dannice Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH43
Integrated chiller, with cooling tower/cooling water pump/cooling water pipes inside of chiller unit! Easy to install and maintain.
Siam Foods Consultant Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BJ19
The DIVIDER 660+ offers multiple application options. The machine has the capacity to work within production lines. Different combinations are possible, from a starter without any mechanical conversion work. The slicer has a touch screen with intuitive menus.
Siam Golden Sales and Service Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW01
According to the production process, through the production line in the appropriate location, the installation of automatic testing equipment, automatic detection of online bottle products, and will detect the defective products automatically.
Simik Inc.
Stand No. BU19
  1. Can Seamer
  2. Gravity Filler for Juice
  3. CSD Filler
  4. Piston Filler for Sauce
  5. Weighing Filler for Oil
  6. Pocket Filler for Particle
  7. Flow Meter Filler for Milk
  8. Vacuum Filler for Sardine
  9. Filling and Packaging Line
Smart Identify Ltd.
Stand No. CB01
Linerplus Advanced with Pivot R-Pallet for application of one or two labels on two adjacent sides of a still or moving product (Dual Action).

Linerplus is a state of the art print apply that guarantees high performance and long duration thanks to the large diameter reel (360m).
SMC (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AT21
SMC Pneumatic Equipment for Foods and Packaging Industry
SMI Asia Services Sdn Bhd
Stand No. BT01
The new AFW Ergon series of automatic shrinkwrap packers are equipped with a 90 degree product infeed to pack: loose plastic containers, metal, cardboard or glass containers featuring a rectangular/square bottom or oval base or for rectangular or square based packs. This series of packers can reach up to 40 packs per minute.
Solids Handling and Process Engineering Co., Ltd. (SHAPE)
Stand No. AY41
SHAPE is an experienced global supplier of solids/powder handling & processing equipment and offer wide range of equipment and systems covering almost every facet of manufacturing operations/processes where dry solids are used. Our equipment range is designed to provide top quality of hygienic design, practical operation, easy cleaning & maintenance at an affordable price.
Solutionpack Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK63
Our products are widely used in dairy, food, pharmacy, beverage, cosmetic, snacks and chemical industries.
Southern Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CG01
The ProBlue Liberty ATS combines the benefits of tankless technology with the operating efficiency of an adhesive tracking system.

The integrated precision gear flow meter directly measures adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive is out of a pre-determined band.
Sripipat Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AJ21
  • Capacity 25 PCS./MIN.
  • Only one operator, uniform shape and size
Stek Strap Packaging Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB38
PET Strap for Manual strapping and Machine Strapping
Suzhou Cai Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD21
A printer up to eight color professional printer with high speed that adopts advanced intelligent control system and abdundant practical functions, make the operation more convenient, more labor cost saving.
Suzhou Creas Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH38
Supply of tailor-made glass lined products (reactors, storage tank, pipes and heat exchangers) and technical service on customer site.
Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AC49
XEA light-duty electric stacker
  1. wide view mast
  2. moving when tiller head at upright position
  3. two travel speed
  4. smart hibernation system
  5. one-step safety operation distance between operator & stacker
  6. compact & beautiful appearance. Ideal selection for upstairs floor work.
T.C.K. Plastic Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE61
High Quality Pallet plastic, Manufacturer and Exporter.
T.C.K. Plastic Company Limited is a Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company.
Products of Thailand.
Tel: +66(0)2 9681071-3 Email: [email protected], www.tckpallet.com, FB:palletplastics
Taiwan Benefit Company
Stand No. BW11
AQUA 40/40/12
Pitch: 125.6 MM
Filling Rate: 21000 BPH
Bottle Diameter: 55-95 MM
Bottle Volume: 0.3-1.5 L
Installation Power: 15 KW
Compressed Air Pressure: 6-8 bar
Taizhou Huangyan Demark Trading Company
Stand No. BS29
DMK-R6 is the most stable two-step fully automatic high-speed rotary PET stretch-blow moulding machines(reheat). It can blow pet bottles for different use: carbonated, mineral water, milk, beer, oil, hot filling tea, and other drink packing containers, which is made of plastic of crystalline type, such as PET, PP etc.
Tana-X Inc.
Stand No. AC41
BOX ON DEMAND is the ultimate small lot system which can make a cardboard box from one piece in various shapes and sizes.

We can realize a total cost reduction and business efficiency.

MIDI-COMPACK is a high productive box making machine which cuts and creases fanfold cardboard.
TEWS Elektronik GmbH
Stand No. BS51
TEWS Elektronik develops and manufactures patented microwave moisture and density measurement systems used for Laboratory QA and process control in the food & feed industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The MW4300 is a high-quality laboratory system which provides reliable and accurate results within a second.
Tex Year Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CF39
Tex Year is a professional hot melt adhesive manufacturer, provide kinds of hot melt adhesive for packaging industry, specially for carton/case sealing, Tetra Pak, straw attachment and labeling.

We bond to your needs!
Thai Polymer Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AH11
The new print technology 6-Line Print meets a variety of needs. A single printhead allows prints of up to six lines. The new print control system also enables single-line high-speed printing, whice provides excellent print quality
Thai Scale Company Limited
Stand No. BS59
DIGI’s integrated semi-automatic weigh-wrap-labelers.
Able to work with fragile trays, irregular shapes, and even items without trays, packs even more efficiency and usability into its small footprint.
Thai Vinyter Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AH51
The new HOTWIND PREMIUM/SYSTEM is the successor to the hugely popular HOTWIND S. Its brushless motor ensures that this hot air blower has a long service life. The maximum air volume can now be set infinitely up to 900l/min via the potentiometer.
Tong Jou Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CC39
TUI-8 series Gravure ink are free of toluene and MEK solvents, that passed the requirement of EU10.2011, very low smell, environmental friendly and more healthy. One grade can print on BOPP, PET and NYLON, ETC. speed up to 400 m/min.

Have excellent boiling, retort, beautiful color, high density, etc. properties.
Total Equipment Trade (TET) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB28
Continuous vegetable & fruit peeler (Small type)

  • High yield with high capacity
  • Easy to clean up after operation
  • No need to use water while operating
  • Any vegetable and fruit which are circualr and hard can be peeled
Toyox Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BZ57
The HYBRID TOYOFOODS HOSE was developed to withstand pressure exclusively for pressure-fed foods. More resistant to breaking and collapsing than conventional braided hoses for trouble-free production.
Trident Pack & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AG31
Robot Case Packer
2 in 1 operation-erect and load on one frame
Up to 5 cases per Minute
Two Thousand Progress Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BN39
Ultimate Plus Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AU51
Showa gloves, provide high-performance solutions to the problems of hand protection in workplace.
Unique Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BP21
The AVA is a sterilizer but also
  • It is a mixer and dryer under vacuum
  • The vessel is tightly closed during operation
  • Utilize clean and save steam technology -therefore the color, fragrance, Taste and Texture of product do not change
  • CIP nozzles for 360' automatic rotation cleaning
United Caps
Stand No. BK25
UNITED CAPS uses state-of-the-art technologies to make your products stand out on the shelf and perform in the hands of the consumer. In-Mould-Labelling (IML) allows for excellent communication and UNITED CAPS' patented aseptic scoop chamber ensures the measuring scoop is safe at all times.
Valiant Equipment Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AU40
The ClearOil pressure filter is a filtration system designed for the continuous purification of frying oil. The pollutants are removed from the oil through high grade filtration medium capable of filtering up to 1 micron.
Varin Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AX01
VARIN 60 can be offered in straight-line (MSLF) cannery or with disc feed (DF) for can manufacturing.

Smooth and accurate operation : VARIN 60 provides a constant speed though transfer and seaming turret with positive assembly of can and cover when closing at high speeds.
Various Engineering Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AZ21
We are an authorized distributor for plastic modular belt “ HABASIT” the high quality injection module belt designs for many industries in the world. We are please to provide you the high quality products and services to serve your need to make your business success.
Verbruggen Emmeloord BV
Stand No. BN11
The palletizer replaces traditional manual handling, while provide a high-speed solution for stacking fruits and vegetables in bag/box, at the same time largely reduces labor costs, improves factory operational efficiency, and minimize goods damaging rate. By using palletizer, goods are stacked in tall, tight, and compact format, allowing easy transport.
Victron UPS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BZ11
Enabling smooth and continues operation of bottling equipment, the General Electric (GE) SG Series Industrial UPS and the ORTEA Sirius Columnar Voltage Stabilisers are solving power quality issues throughout the region. Backed-up by Victron warranty and maintenance services, we provide full protection for your critical processes.
Water Test Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BQ40
With patented enzymatic fluorescent measurement technique, we can measure total bacteria contamination in air & water & on surfaces, and also mould contamination in air & on surfaces within minutes instead of days. Our technology has been verified by USEPA and also awarded for ASHRAE Innovation Technology.
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group
Stand No. AZ40
Redefining Peristaltic Pump Technology for Single-Use Downstream Bioprocessing:

Quantum® peristaltic bioprocessing pump with patented ReNu SU Technology® cartridge.
  • Step change in bioprocessing pump capabilities
  • Ultra-low shear for increased downstream process yield
  • 4000:1 control ratio & validation in line with BPOG/BPSA/USP/ISO guidelines
Quantum is clearly the logical choice for downstream bioprocessing.
Wenzhou Haizhou Packing Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AJ43
This series filling machine have single nozzle model, double nozzle model and explosion proof model. It with simple structure, high accuracy and easy to operation. Suit for medicine daily use foodstuff pesticide and any other special industry, it is the best equipment to fill high thickness material and paste.
Wisebiz (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CB09
With over 150 years of experience in the product Identification industry, Matthews Marking Products is a leading provider of marking and coding equipment for the industrial marketplace. From Packaging and plastics, to construction and metal, Matthews offers solutions for marking applications in a wide range of industries.
World Steel Pallet Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AD40
WSP provides the lighter, stronger, more durable steel pallet which is a way to reduce shipping costs per trip compared to wood or plastic pallets. WSP steel pallet prevents rust, is flame retardant, does not attract or harbor insects and has superior racking strength compared to traditional pallets.
Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH41
This is an integrated packaging line which involved bags filling machine, case Packer, check weighed, box rejection device, case sealer, strapping machine, cases Palletizing system.
X-Per Technia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AA23
XQ-5ST Air Curtain Stainless Series
They are desiged to incorporate up to 2 filter panels.
There are various types of filter media available, some
commonly used media are Baffle type Stainless Steel,
Aluminum wire mesh, Polyester, Polyester (resin-bonded).
Yenchen Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AL36
Cloud Mill -LTP(Low Temperature Pulverization) Technology -Dedicated to maintaining material quality and flavor -Revolutionary pulverizer meets most-advanced market demands
  • High yield, high pulverization and grinding size up to 500 mesh.
  • Simple operation yet detailed control through large LCD touch panel
  • Application
    Nuts, Spices, Mixed grain, Herbal medicine, Food, Chemical materials, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical materials
Yoden Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AF28
The SLIT-HSC series slitter is new compact type to save the working space and easy to access the webpath. Unwind side shaftless design, rewind side differential shafts and with high speed 400m/min, this is valued product.
Stand No. #
Z5700 is the Zanasi flagship product. With 65 IP protection and up to 5 lines of print is the best choice for any application.

Its Orkestra software allows to be flexible and interconnected to other devices, bringing you a step ahead in coding industry.
Zhangjiagang City Filltech Beverage Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX39
New design machine combines bottle washing, filling, capping into one working table.

It adopts hanging type conveying-bottle structure to make bottle changing more convenient and faster.
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BZ15
  • 2,000-36,000BPH Water Production Line Turnkey Solution
  • 2,000-30,000BPH Carbonated Drink Production Line Turnkey Solution
  • 2,000-36,000BPH Fruit Juice Production Line Turnkey Solution
  • Monoblock Water Filling Machine 3-in-1
  • Monoblock Carbonated Drink Filling Machine 3-in-1
  • Monoblock Juice Filling Machine 3-in-1
  • Shrink Labeling Machine
  • Hot Melt Labeling Machine
  • Shrink Wrapping Machine
  • PET Bottle Blowing Machine
Zhangjiagang Hy-Filling Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BV31
HY-Filling Combiblock:

World Advanced Technology in Filling Machinery, combining blowing-filling-capping together,without air conveyor for empty bottles delivery.

It saves space, and rinsing water, also improves efficiency a lot. It is a very good choice for high speed filling line.
Zhejiang Dongri Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI45
JR series automatic pre-made pouch bagger, featured with rapid reaction, reliability and quick changeover, is ideal for a large variety of bag types and range. Equipped with Z-shape bucket elevator and combination scale, it is widely applied to candies, microwave popcorn, cookies, nuts, rice, coffee beans, crops, peanuts, etc.